July 11, 2017

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Summer Party Ideas

Birthday party, family get-together or just a backyard party, hosting a summer party can be so much fun.

Here are some great tips to make your summer party a memorable one.

Here’s a great way to serve cocktails. 

Don’t forget a separate tub of juices, soft drinks and fruit-infused water for the kids.

Set up an ice-cream station will make it super cool.

What’s a summer party without water balloons… even if they are just for decoration.

Tequila infused fruit pops – your guests will love this

Fill kiddie pool with ice to keep food cold and fresh

Get some cool props for photoshoots. Let your guests create memories that’ll last a lifetime.

Punch up plates with disposable utensils to save a whole lot of confusion and looking around for this or that

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July 06, 2017

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Summer Games to Keep Your Little One On Her Feet

Managing screen-time during summer vacations can be a challenge. The one way kids will come out off the screen is by finding something more fun to do.

Here’s a list of cool summer games that will make kids hop on to their feet and have some real fun with some real play outdoors.

Water Balloon Baseball

Baseball, and an even more fun way to play it. This wonderful game will be an instant hit. Just ask kids to help out filling water balloons first.

Passing on Water

This is even more easy. You’d hardly need any preparation. Just some paper cups and water, and you’re good to go.

Lawn Twister

Ever played it outside? It’s twice as fun!

Tree Swings

Every kid needs to experience this fun, we did it, our parents did it, probably even their parents did it, and our kids need to do it too!

Tic Tac Toe Outdoors

Make kids play good old Tic-Tac-Toe with stones. Coloring them will be more fun.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Sidewalk Chalk Fun

This is how you get on the streets. Pure imagination, pure fun.

Obstacle Race

Create crazy obstacles. See who qualifies for the neighborhood lil’ cop batch!

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