January 22, 2019

Published Tuesday, January 22, 2019 with 4 comments

Innovative Products That Will Bring a Smile on Your Face

These products are so innovative, that some of them are actually borderline genius. Very useful, check them out.

Cloud Rain Planter

Take a break from your routine and water these plants. You’ll be amazed how this little activity can break the anxiety and bring in a refreshing smile.

Paris Scissors

It’s a brilliant thought. Eifel Tower’s the perfect shape for a scissor.

Disinfecting Towel Dryer

This hand-towel hanger dries and disinfects the hand towel while it’s on it. Perfect gift for a germophobic.

Boot Hanger

This is the perfect way of keeping long boots without spoiling their shape.

Couple Alarm Clock

Set your individual alarms, and wear these rings while you sleep. The ring will vibrate and wake you without disturbing your partner. Awesome, isn’t it?
Fish Planter

This part fish pot, part planter will add a dash of life wherever it’s kept.

Waterproof Socks

Perhaps your best bad-weathered friend. Just perfect for those who love to rough it out, hail snow or rain.

Strings Salad Maker

I’ve always loved the strings salad. Never knew making it was this simple.

USB Drive

A USB drive so cute!

Waterfall Shower

Ready to call it a day? Wind up with an anti-stress warm shower.

Scissor cum Tape Dispenser

I mostly need these two things together. They do belong together. Why didn’t anyone think of this?

Phone Holder

A phone holder that would look great on your table.
Phone Stand
This bed-side essential is just perfect. Keep your phone, watch and specks handy. Clutter-free.

Bubblegum Phone Stand

Perfect gift for your pre-teen.

Little Purse Planters

This cute planter can be a great party favor.

Computer with Vintage Keyboard

Writers would love this. Get the awesome feeling of typing on a typewriter and save time and effort by working on the soft copy at the same time.

USB Plug-in

A very creatively designed USB plug-in.

Ghost Chair

Interesting. Isn’t it?

Coffee mug with Cookie Space

Even if you do not have cookies, it’s a pretty creative design for a mug.

Horse Cycle

Imagine your kid riding on this pony.

Fork and Spoon Set

See all table manners fall in place when you give kids this fun fork and spoon set.

Toothpaste Dispenser

Worried your child is not brushing her teeth? This toothpaste dispenser will make sure she does.

Multipoint Set

Multitasking made easy with this hangman multipoint set.

Toaster Plates

Add a dash of fun to your breakfast with these toaster plates.

Napkin Dispenser

Quirky, but fun!

Fruit Bowl

The color splash fruit bowl is a great way to add color and drama to your kitchen.

Magical Clock

This Magical clock does not have a second, minute or hour hand. It just has a pole in the center and three light posts revolving around giving the right time. Genius!



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