December 30, 2020

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The Ultimate Sugar-Free Vegan Hot Chocolate

Freezing chill outside? 

Here’s an amazing recipe for a guilt-free hot chocolate, a hot chocolate that is sugar-free and dairy-free, and best of all, it’s super easy to make.


This recipe uses almond milk. Although, you can use any non-dairy milk like hazelnut milk , hemp milk, oat milk, macadamia milk, soy milk or any other non-dairy milk variant. But I prefer almond milk since with almond milk the hot chocolate tastes richer.

Another important ingredient is natural sweetener. There are a variety of options available: date powder, maple sugar, coconut palmsugar, agave nectar, monk fruitsweetener and more. I prefer to use stevia leaves sweetener.

Other ingredients are commonly found in the pantry – cocoa powder. vanillaextract  and salt.


Here’s the recipe that serves 2:




·         2 cups almond milk

·         2 tsp stevia powder (or as per taste and the type of sweetner you are using)

·         2 tbsp cocoa powder

·         ¼ tsp vanilla

·         Pinch of salt




·         Pour the almond milk in a pan. Add the other ingredients and stir together.

·         Heat over low heat, whisking continuously to keep it from burning.

·         Once the mixture starts boiling, ladle it into cups and serve!

·         Top it with marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate syrup or a dash of cinnamon powder sprinkled on it.


And voila! Your cup of heaven is ready. Enjoy!


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December 24, 2020

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True Spirit of Christmas: Random Acts of Kindness Ideas


No Christmas gatherings, family gettogethers or office parties? Here’s how you can celebrate this Christmas in a more fulfilling way – doing random acts of kindness.


1.    Deliver Christmas goodies to the homeless shelter.

2.    Visit a home for the seniors. Spend time talking to them, singing songa or even playing something with them.

3.    Bake cookies for an old lady or man living alone in your neighborhood.

4.    Leave nice notes on random cars in a parking.

5.    Buy a hot chocolate for the doorman.

6.    Pick up the litter in a park.

7.    Feed someone’s parking meter.

8.    Contact your childhood teacher and thank them.

9.    Buy stuff from the farmer’s market and donate it.

10.  Buy food and lemonade from a cart.

11.  Donate school supplies to a school.

12.  Donate food and blankets to an animal shelter.

13.  Donate a book to the library.

14.  Bake a cake for someone.

15.  Call your old aunt.

16.  Buy flowers for an old woman.

17.  Sing and entertain at a pediatric cancer ward.

18.  Clear the snow off for an elderly couple.

19.  Hand a hot coffee to some random person walking down the street.

20.  Take a few poor kids to McDonalds.

21.  Bake muffins for a janitor you know.

22.  Buy a dessert for your server.

23.  Make a meal for a nurse you know.

24.  Make a ‘thank you’ card for a doctor.

25.  Leave quarters at the laundromat.

26.  Give a positive feedback for the assistant in a store.

27.  Take balloons and thank the officers in your nearest police station.

28.  Leave candies in your mailbox for your mail man.

29.  Sit and have a conversation with an old man in a café.

30.  Smile a lot, you deserve some kindness too.




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December 20, 2020

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Beauty Habits That Will Transform Your Skin

If you thought that the occasional facial or your new BB cream was enough for beauty, you need to think again. Beauty is a ritual, a routine that you rigorously adhere to, every single day. You may start your day with your coffee and chores, at night it is important to cleanse the body and mind of the filth gathered during the day, help restore what’s inherently good and give ourselves the love and care to heal throughout the night.


Here are a few tips for a good night beauty routine.


Concentrate on wellness, not just beauty


Do you know most of the skin problems like dark circles, baggy eyes, wrinkles etc., all of these can also be caused by stress. When you are stressed your body produces cortisol, also called the stress hormone. High amounts of cortisol are known expedite aging by breaking down skin’s collagen and forming wrinkles. So, don’t just concentrate on your face, also work on your mind, concentrate on overall wellness.


Put aromatherapy candles that relax the mind and body. 


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Take a warm shower. Hydrate your skin with a light relaxing body oil or a soothing body lotion as per your skin type 



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This is the perfect time to heal acne and blemishes of your facial skin. Use acne reliefpads to remove dirt and unclog skin. Apply a moisturizer to suit your skin type. 


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Having done this, most of your stress will simply fade away. There are variety of products available in the market, from firming masques to radiance gels to skin serums. If you are not sure what product will be the best for you, ask your beauty/salon/spa professional.


Some people are also known to take collagen supplements, in form of collagen creamers, or collagenlattes. The collagen in these supplements helps repair and beautify skin, nails and hair. But again, before blindly following this trend, we would strongly suggest that you do your research, ask your doctor and check for allergies or other latent effects from these supplements.



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December 15, 2020

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Gift Suggestions For Seniors

Looking for a gift for your parents and all that ever comes to your mind is fuzzy slippers? Worry no more. Here’s a list of suggestions of gifts for seniors, things that are fun, thoughtful and do not scream on their faces – you are old. 



A good fragrance makes for a good gift. Always.


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Indoor plants



Plants are not only good for purifying air and giving a fresh look to the décor, but are also like a great way to be positively engaged.


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Spa Day 


Who doesn’t love a day of self-pampering? Depending on how much you can spend on this, choose from a variety of packages which can also include a stay at the spa for a day or two.

Key Locator 


This key locator helps find missing items right away. The little gadget needs to paired with the smart phone, then using Alexa or Google assistant support, lost keys can be found by just a command. You’ll be amazed how handy this little gadget can be.

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Home cleaning services

Holiday season can be overwhelming, your parents will really love the thoughtfulness of this gift. It would be such a delight to have someone take care of the chores for a day.


Magnifying glass necklace 

A magnifying glass so that they do not miss out on the fine print. The antique look of the necklace makes it a great accessory too. 


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Cozy Sleepwear 


Warm and comfortable, is there any other feeling you can think of for your folks, we didn’t think so either.

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Weighted blanket 


It’s soft, warm and keeps cozy – the perfect gift for winters.


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Rocking Recliner


This rocker recliner is the ultimate in comfort. Seniors would love sitting on it for hours with their favorite book, music, knitting or TV.

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Wellness gifts


Floor Cushion

Meditation Chair



Back and Neck Relief Kit

Facial Roller 


Wellness products that are tried, tested and proven to have positive results. Choose from a wide variety depending upon their interests.

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December 10, 2020

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Gift Suggestions For The Hard-to-buy-for Teens and Tweens


Usually gift buying is not that tricky since you know the people you are buying for, you know their likes and dislikes and you know what they need. Then, there are these people who you know, you also know what they like and dislike but when it comes to buying something for them, you are clueless. You can’t think of something they’d not have already, or something that would not be in the Goldilocks dilemma category, it would be just right.


Here are a few suggestions for people who are hard-to-shop-for. Hope this list helps.


Happy Holidays!


Aeropostale Gift Card


With teens, tweens and their hormones, you can never be too sure what they’ll like. Moreover, fashion is a sensitive topic for them, we wouldn’t recommend interfering with that. A gift card will exactly do the good you want to do, perhaps better.


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Rosemary Mint Hair and Body Care Set 


Who doesn’t love a little pampering. Vegan, paraben free, silicon free, cruelty free, over 90 percent naturally derived, thoughtful gift for thoughtful people.


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Fairy Light Set

Their room is their sanctuary. Perfect for a teen or tween who keeps her room as pretty.


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Laptop Stickers 


These stickers are good for laptop, bike, helmet, skateboard, car, walls, basically anything. Waterproof and sun protection added.

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Book – Weird Facts by National Geographic 


It’s a great gift for a curious mind. In fact, even if the kid is not much of a reader, this book will keep them glued.

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Hat and Cap 

Hats are a fashion statement more than being mere sun protection accessories. This unusual gift can be both fun and useful.


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