February 10, 2022

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16 Bizarre Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

While chocolates and roses can be very flattering, especially on Valentine's Day, some people choose to stay away. If you are the apostate or rebel kinds, and abhor the cliché traditions around Valentine's Day, you don’t really have to give up on the Holiday altogether. Here are some eccentric ways to make it a Holiday of fun, laughter and yes, in a non-cliché way – togetherness. Even if you are single, these things will be fun to do.

1. Go camping – have a bonfire, roast marshmallows and some quiet time in the lap of nature. Bonus – stargazing.

2. PSP marathon – if you and your partner enjoy video games, this can be serious fun. Spend the day snacking and playing.

3. Haunted movie binging – usually people do the romantic movie binging, but what the heck, we are talking ‘different ’ here. Plus, if you have the nerve for it, horror movies can be way more fun than the rhetorical romcoms.

4. Go bar hopping – instead of making reservations in a fancy restaurant, go to all the happening places in the vicinity. Have a plan though, you wouldn’t want to end up spending the night in traffic.

5. Game night – call in your friends and play fun games like taquilla bingo, poker, charades or strip twister. Even the thought of it can be whole lot fun.

6. Go shopping online - If you choose to go to the mall or store, there is a chance the whole Valentine's Day theme décor, hearts and roses everywhere, might be too overwhelming. Take advantage of the last minute Valentine's Day discounts and shop online. Use coupons for added savings.

7. Impromptu road trip – neighbouring town, mountain, lake, or other end of the world, just put some clothes in a bag, throw in some food and go!

8. A concert, musical or play – anything that live.

9. Amusement park – take the ride you always feared, eat food you loved as a kid, play silly games and win teddy bears; it’ll be awesome, not even kidding!

10. Visit a psychic or astrologer - Gets your stars read, find what the future holds. Do it, especially if you haven’t yet. Just for the fun of it.

11. Rage room – it actually a great way to bust all that stress. Break things, lots of them, let the rage calm you down. You’ll come out all zen.

12. Thrift shopping – if you are all that brand conscious, do it for someone else. Buy clothes at bargain basement prices and give them to the homeless.

13. Train ride – when was the last time you sat in a train? Not subway, the good old train. Book your tickets for a town you’ve never been to, go around being all touristy, and come back.

14. Hospitals – play the guitar for cancer kids, bring in some gifts for people in a retirement home, play games, make paintings, spend some quality time with people who really need it.

15. Go carting – the thrill, the speed and the works. It can be a very rejuvenating experience.

16. A day in the snow – make snowman, snow angels, play in the snow, sip hot chocolate and enjoy a good snow day.

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