March 02, 2019

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Money Savings Tips That Work

If you resolved to save money this year, here are a few tips that will help you change a few things in your routine and habits, and add on to your savings. Some of these tips are very basic and you may wonder how much will this help you save, but remember, the little things are the ones that matter most; less is more.

Tips to help you in your saving spree –

1.    Make an inventory list, and based on this make your shopping list before you go shopping. Refrain from impulse buying, stick to the list.
2.    Prepare a list of items that can be bought on bulk if there’s a deal. For instance, toilet paper.
3.    Use coupons. Always.
4.    Download a coupon app to help you get coupons handy.
5.    Join loyalty programs.
6.    When buying something online, add the item to your cart and wait for a day before you checkout. This way, your compulsive impulse buying can be checked.
7.    Use soft liquid detergent and hand wash or machine wash in ‘gentle’ mode, instead of giving it to dry cleaning. Use dry cleaning for clothes that absolutely require it.
8.    Get fresh produce at the farmers’ market.
9.    Sell old things you do not use anymore.
10.  Set up a garage sale before the start of new season, and dispose off all your clothing you will not wear anymore.
11.  Try DIY gifts.
12.  Pay bills on time to avoid late fee.
13.  Stop drinking soda. Its not only unhealthy but also becomes a habit (money wasting habit).
14.  Recycle and reuse grocery bags.
15.  Watch movies online instead of going to theatres.
16.  Cook at home, or order in if you have to. Avoid going out.
17.  Use leftover food.
18.  Carry lunch to work. A sandwich, some fruits, a simple salad, anything.
19.  Do more indoors like have a candle lit dinner with wine or watching movies together; going out at the bar or restaurant costs a lot more.
20.  Instead of going away for the weekend, try enjoying a day at the beach or have a little picnic at the park for a weekend activity.
21.  Buy used items whenever you can.
22.  Use public transport more than Uber, cabs or driving yourself.
23.  Get a bicycle to go short distances.
24.  Use wifi to make calls whenever you can.
25.  Turn off data romancing when you have access to wifi.
26.  Switch off lights and other buttons when not in use.
27.  Unplug gadgets not in use.
28.  Carry a water bottle with you in your bag, avoid buying bottled water.
29.  Review your cell phone plan to ensure you are on the optimum best.
30.  Make coffee at home. buy a sipper and carry your coffee with you to work.
31.   Always click picture of the receipt in case you have to return anything.

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February 08, 2019

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Valentine Day Gifting Guide: Awesome Gifts Under $100


 Gifting troubles? Here’s a list of some awesome inexpensive gifts that will win your love’s heart all over again.

This celestial beauty is both thoughtful and elegant. She is bound to be pleased.$DWP_PRODUCT_PDP_LARGE$

This super cute couple-figurine says – Life with you is a beautiful journey. There’s nothing else you would have to say.

 The romantic red wrapper robe is just perfect for Valentine's Day gift, it’s sexy, classy and chic.

Classic V Day gift. The scrumptious Belgian chocolate dipped Oreo treats are just heavenly.

Hand harvested sea salts with the delicate fragrance of roses, this bath salt will refresh not just the body, but will soothe the mind also. Now, that’s the way to get ready for a Valentine's Day dinner party.

Another classic chocolate temptation. Rich Belgian chocolate covered over tangy, juicy strawberries, the perfect representation of love, it’s sweet and sensational, both at the same time.


This woody fragrance has the sea, sun, earth and breeze feel. Perfect for the man in your life.


This beautifully embellished bracelet will add a sparkle to any dress and occasion.


The beautiful diamond stud earring will add a sparkle to her ensemble, no matter what the occasion.

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If your girlfriend is religious, this is perhaps the best gift. Set in sterling silver, the cubic zirconia add sparkle and style to the necklace.

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A girl’s best friend, this professional styling kit is a very thoughtful gift. Easy, hassle free and safe, this make styling hair for any occasion a breeze.

Why settle for one when you can get five! These five luxurious perfumes by Versace has a fragrance for every mood.

Love you to the moon and back. This beautiful pendant says it all. 

This chic hobo shoulder is functional and classy at the same time. No matter how many bags she already has, a woman can always use a white hobo handbag.

Blush pink with delicate gold, this exquisite watch by Tommy Hilfiger is elegance personified. 


Gorgeous dress! She’ll love it.


Bold and beautiful. Exquisitely for someone as charming. 

This stylish cosmetic case comes in very handy for carry-along makeup. Extremely useful for someone who’s on the move mostly.

This trendy duffel bag will come in real handy for your weekend getaways. She’ll definitely love it.

The smart cashmere is simple adorable. Amazing in both style and comfort.

This amazingly chic jumpsuit is a steal for the price. Jump on it, before its sold out.

Perfect for the woman who has her heart where her home is. The avid homemaker will love this gift.


For a woman who loves her music.

Give her something she will relish for long. This foot massager will relax and rejuvenate her, and she’ll love you for it.

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