August 22, 2019

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Interesting Gift Ideas By Stage

Most of us struggle with the idea of finding that perfect gift. Well, no more. If you haven’t recently been on the Stage website, here’s an interesting collection of gifts, straight from their website. Whether it’s a wedding, an anniversary or you are visiting your folks home, you’ll definitely find something in here.


Some occasions deserve nothing less than diamond, and some deserve more. This diamond studded silver heart is perfect for an occasion that deserves more.

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ConairInfiniti Pro Mega Volume Hairsetter




She’ll be thrilled to get this imported instant styler. Perfect for women of all ages.

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Everybody could use a little relaxation. The fizzy bath truffles are perfect for someone you know has been working too hard.

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 Winsome Square Space SaverSet



The portable folding dining has stools, a folding leaf table extension and wheels for moving it easily. Keep it in the kitchen, patio or outdoors.

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Crucible Stainless Steel& Mother of Pearl Rectangle Cufflinks



Perfect  for a man who loves dressing well.

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Jessica McClintock Mesh BowClutch



With purses and clutches, she can never have enough! This glamorous clutch will make a perfect addition to her ensamble.

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Yankee Candle 12-oz. SunnySands Jar Candle


When you want to gift something sweet, but not personal, this coastal flavored candle works perfectly fine.

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Brilliant Diamond AccentLeaf Bracelet  

The gold plated, diamond accent studded bracelet has a beautiful design. She’ll love it.

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Zuo Modern Silica SmallDecorative Vase


This beautiful embedded vase will add a dash of flair to any modern space, especially in white theme.

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Amour Collection 2-pc. CZ& Pearl Earring & Necklace Set




This feminine, flirty fresh water pearl set will add jazz to any casual or party attire.

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Darice 17" LakesideMixed Spring Floral Arrangement in Watering Can



Add drama and detail to your kitchen, patio, garden or even bathroom.  

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Two's Company ShinglesShell Decorative Vase



This shell embellished vase will beautifully adorn any living space or bedroom.

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Roman 25th Silver WeddingAnniversary Photo Frame



The elegant picture frame is perfect for the very special anniversary of love and togetherness.

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KitchenAid Classic4.5-Quart Tilt-Head Stand Mixer



Here’s a gift a woman will love, even if she’s a weekend cook. It’s easy, convenient and very useful in the kitchen.

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August 19, 2019

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Treat Yourself A Spa Night

If you’ve been sweating it out in life, the least you deserve is warm thought coupled with some self-pampering. Refresh your mind, body and soul with a refreshing spa night just for you. Here’s how you can go about it.

To begin with, set stage. Tidy your bathroom. Put on some soothing music. Light scented candles or use an essential oil diffuser.

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Pick a robe you love the feel of along with some fresh towels.


Prepare a jar of icy cold detox water infused with mint and lemon wedges.


Start with a hair mask. If you know the kind of hair mask that will suit your hair, great, else here’s a little help.

If your hair has undergone chemical treatments of any kind (color, highlights, smoothening, straightening or something else), or is damaged (due to pollution, chemicals etc.), get a hair repair mask.

If your hair is dull or damaged, you’ll need a extra-nourishing, deep-conditioning hair masque.

If you need volume, here’s a great hair masque:

Apply a sheet mask on your face.

Take some warm water in a tub. Put some sea salt and a dash of body wash. Add some flowers for a magical feel. Soak your feet. Sit back and relax. Keep cucumber slices on your eyes for a soothing effect on your eyes as well.

After the sheet mask dries up, remove the sheet. Gently pat your face with a fresh towel. You can apply another face mask while you do your nails. 

When you are done with your nails, gently splash water on your face to remove the mask. Fill your bath tub with warm water, add bath fizzy of your choice, soak yourself and relax.

Shower in plain water to wash off excess oils. Apply moisturizer. And take get to the bed for a beautiful nap.

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August 13, 2019

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Purse Essentials Every Working Woman Must Have

For some women their purse is as good as a wallet. They just carry their bare essentials, their wallet, key and maybe a small pack of tissues, and they are good to go. But not all women can go this light. Most are comfortable only with big bags, and have an obsession to carry their life around. If you are the kind, here’s a little help getting your BIG BAG organized; a few things we asked working women, frequent travelers, socialites, celebs and random women on the internet. Here’s the mega list of stuff that should ideally go in your bag.

Makeup Kit

Even if you are the bare-basics-bag types, a few basics are a must. Carry a lip color, liner, compact and possibly eye-pallete. You’ll be ready for anywhere in an instance. What if there’s a party after work, what if you are asked to go for a client meet you weren’t aware of, what if you are meeting someone directly after work, there can be numerous instances where a little make-up won’t hurt.


Basic Jewelry

Again, a small box with tiny bits of basic jewelry won’t hurt, but it can come in real handy in times of need. Choose classic or informal as per your style, liking, occasions etc. But keeping one classic and one slightly fashionable pair of earrings would be a good idea.|49.99%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D20441%26ruleId%3D105%7CBOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26kws%3Djewelry%26searchPass%3DexactMultiMatch%26slotId%3D4

Basic Jewelry

Hairbrush, a comb, some bobby pins and a hair tie. Just the very basic stuff.

Scribble Pad & Pen/Pencil

Like there can be a make-up emergency, there can be a writing emergency. A phone number, some thoughts that need to be jotted down, some errand you remembered, some client you have to meet, so much more.

Face Tissues/Face Wipes

Although face tissues and face wipes are different, keeping just one of the two also solves the emergency purpose.


Because you never know. You may even end up helping a friend.


Hand Lotion

Even if you do not have OCD, you will end up washing your hands several times a day. A hand balm will come in handy, literally!

Travel Size Perfume

Absolute essential.

Hand Sanitizer

When you cannot practically wash your hands, but you need to. Very useful thing to carry along all the time.

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August 08, 2019

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Travel Essentials You Must Have

Would you agree that the most difficult part of travel is the packing? If yes, read on. Here’s a list of things that can make your life simpler by simplifying packing, helping stay sorted during your time out. So, if you are planning that vacation, sit back and relax. Your packing is taken care of. 



No matter how well you pack, some of your clothes will end up having creases. A travel iron with steamer always comes in handy.

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This travel kit is perfect for a man. It has his essential grooming tools and shoe shiner set. For a man who stays prim and proper, especially on his business travel.

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This will be one of the most useful travel accessories you’ll have. Avoid being overweight and paying exorbitant charges to the airlines.

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5-PC Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow, Blanket andBottles Set


Your best travel buddies – a memory-foam travel pillow, cosy throw, soft and comforting eye mask with two travel bottles for your sunscreen and moisturiser.

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Travel with peace of mind with these travel locks. The locks are made of solid brass and have a TSA approved design.

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From USB chargers to different types of plug points, this charger has it all. It’s easy, convenient and very useful.

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Hang it in the shower or near the bathroom mirror and you will not have to look for a place to keep your toiletries. Very convenient to use.

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Travel bottle kit with squeeze, spray and pour bottles. Very handy.

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The spill proof pouches can be useful for toiletries, medicines or any other liquid stuff you might be carrying.

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Elegant and useful, this jewelry roll can be your best travel buddy. Travel proper and organized.

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What’s  a vacation without a picnic? Get this ultimate picnic bag with everything you’ll need for a romantic day out.

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Lifesaver! This packing cubes organizer set will make your life so much easier throughout your travel, that you’ll fall in love with it.

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These cosy socks will keep you warm and comfortable, just the way you want to be during your travel.

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