March 25, 2021

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Cool And Comfortable Sandals

Looking for comfortable footwear to go with your spring dresses? Check out these chic sandals that will look awesome with spring dresses and your feet will love them too. 

Martha Stewart Marlis Sandals 

Super comfortable and super versatile. Wear them to the beach, casual outing or a socializing.

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Martha Stewart Francey Slip-On Sandals



Lightweight sandals with exclusive reverse cushioning that gives the best of both – fashion and function.

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Traciee Slip-On Sandals



This lightweight slip-on sandal with extra cushioning and EVA molded outsole is extra comfortable and very chic. Comes in 31 fascinating colors and designs, choose your pick.


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Red Slip-On Sandals 



These sandals don’t just look cool, but feel cool too. The extra-breathable technology helps feet stay ventilated while walking. Comes in seven smart colors and designs.

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TravelComfy Slip-On Sandals 

Ultralight, ultra-flexible, ultra-breathable and ultra-stylish. Whether you choose to wear these at home or for a casual outing, you’ll always be in style. Choose from seven stylish colors and designs.

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Martha Stewart Winnie Wedge Sandals 

These wedge sandals from the Martha Stewart collection are top quality, from comfort and function perspective - you won’t feel like getting your feet out of them. Choose from three essential colors or get all three.

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Meadow Slip-On Sandals

This versatile sandal will look great with dresses, minis, jeans or shorts. The super-flexible sole will ensure you get ease and relaxation with every step. Choose from six core colors.

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Taite Slip-On Sandals 

Extra-flexible, breathable and ultralight-weight, this sandal is everything you would want in your footwear. Come’s in four adorable shades of spring-summer-pastels.

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Melony Sandals 

Ultra-flexible and ultra-fashionable. The sandals are very versatile, can be paired easily with any outfit. Choose from five earthy colors.

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Adorable Less-Skin Swimsuits

Spring’s here, and before we know it’ll be summer – beach, pool and a whole lot of fun in the sun. If you are sensitive about showing skin, and the cut-out bikini seems like a little too much for you to handle, don’t get worked up looking for that perfect beach wear for you. Here are some really charming swimsuits that’ll let you stay comfortably covered, but won’t compromise on style even one bit.


Sanibel Tankini


Vibrant and fun. Confetti paisley that flatters your shape and adds that zing.


Seersucker Swim Dress


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Be reminded of the carefree summer days. The blue striped swim dress is a fun mix of naughty and nice.

Solid Black Swim Dress


Classy is the new sexy. This black swim dress would be one of the best LBD ever.

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Blue One-Piece Swimsuit 

The classic one-piece swim suit comes with embroidery on the neckline.


Use discount coupons for your shopping.


Blue Cross-Back Tankini 


Super comfortable and fun, this blue tankini can be paired with matching briefs, swim shorts or swim skirt.


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Blue Two-Piece Tankini With Swim Skirt 


This two-piece swim suit is as comfortable as it gets. An easy-going style, with this two-piece swim suit will never have you sacrifice on comfort.


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Pink Tankini With Swim Skirt 


Pretty in pink. The gorgeous pink tankini with matching swim-skirt will doll you up for beach time.


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Orange Swim Shirt

The front-zipper swim shirt is both comfortable and versatile. You can pair it with a matching brief, swim skirt, swim shorts or even swim tights, if you are photo-sensitive.


Use discount coupons for your shopping.


Pink One-Piece Swim Suit 


This adorable pink one-piece swimsuit is reminiscent of the vintage style but with a refreshing modern twist.


Use discount coupons for your shopping.


Blue Tankini With Swim Skirt


Shades of blue, this tankini and swim-skirt set is ultracool and super comfortable. You can also try pairing the skirt or tankini with blacks or blues.


Use discount coupons for your shopping.


Vibrant Blue Tankini With Swim-Skirt 

Refreshingly blue, this simple yet elegant swim suit will make you the buzz of the awesome pool side or beach party.


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March 21, 2021

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Good Vibes (And Vapor) Only! How To Keep Your Bathroom Fresh and Aromatic

Bathrooms can be the hardest place to clean. You think of taking it easy one day and next thing you know is your bathroom’s got shower odors or unpleasant smells, and the next day – you won’t feel like going in.

The one way to ensure your bathroom is fresh and smelling good is keeping a daily cleaning routine. If you clean after breaks, say every alternate day of twice a week, you wouldn’t actually save on time since cleaning will become more difficult and time consuming. Cleaning daily will make it quick and easy job each day and you can easily incorporate it into your routine.


·         Wear your gloves or you’ll be grossed out.

·         Start with cleaning the wash basin and toilet bowl first. Use a good toilet cleaner  that also acts as a disinfectant.

·         Once the toilet bowl and sink are clean, wipe the surfaces with disinfectant wipes. You can also use surface cleaner that doubles up as a deodorizer, or use essential oils with your regular anti-bacterial cleaner.


·         Mop the floor. Spray the floor with diluted floor cleaner and mop it.

·         Keep your bathroom ventilated. If your bathroom has windows, keep them open for some time during the day as and when weather allows. If it is not possible to open the windows, keep the exhaust fan on and the bathroom door open for some time.

·         Every time you wash the toilet bowl, keep the brush suspended on the bowl and place the seat on it to keep it steady. You can keep the brush back when it has air dried properly.


This was the things you should do on a daily basis. Here are a few things you can do on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, depending on how much time you have.


·         Clean your shower with a shower spray.

·         Wash your towels, mats and shower curtains.

·         Take out trash and change the liners. Use odor-control liners or use fabricsoftener sheets in the bin to neutralize odors. Baking soda is also a very good odor absorber, you can keep a filter paper at the base of the bin and lavishly sprinkle some baking soda on filter paper and then put the liner. And in the liner also you can sprinkle some baking soda.

·         Make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Pour this mixture down the sink or shower drain. This will clear the debris and keep the drains from clogging. Alternatively, you can also use drain opener, which will keep your drain clean and remove stink.

·         Clean your toilet brush.


Some additional ideas to keep your bathroom aromatic:


·         Pour a few drops of essential oil on toilet paper.

·         Use a fragrance diffuser with your favorite essential oils. 


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How To Make Manure Out Of Ground Coffee


The next time you brew your coffee, keep the residual coffee grounds. Coffee makes excellent manure for plants providing them essential minerals and nutrients. In fact, ground coffee is one of the richest sources of nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for photosynthesis in plants. Here are some important tips to help you make a rich, healthy diet of used coffee grounds for your plants.


·         Do not use flavored coffee or any coffee that has synthetic additives. Use regular coffee only. If the coffee is organic, all the more better.

·         Brewed coffee grounds are better than raw coffee grounds since brewing helps break nutrients which further makes it easier for plants to absorb.

·         Every time you brew a pot, you can sprinkle coffee grounds on the soil.

·         If you have more coffee grounds than you can use at a time, store the extra grounds in mesh bags and leave them for drying. Once the grounds are dry, you can store them in a container and use later. This way you can share your extra manure with your neighbors or done it to the local farm who’ll happily receive it.

·         You can also use your coffee grounds in the compost caddy. Do not forget to add filter.

·         You can soak (brewed) ground coffee in water and leave it overnight. Use that water for plants in the morning. This will naturally fertilize your plants.


With ground coffee’s nutrition your plants will stay hail and heathy. You will be able to see the change when the leaves become more vibrant green and beautiful. Coffee will also aid in the production of fruits, vegetables and flowers.


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Some of The Best Easter Eggs You Can Buy

Easter’s just around the corner. Whether you are attending online mass at the church, meeting up with your family on zoom call or having a contact-less Easter basket exchange activity, the good part is that chocolate eggs are going to be real.


Here are some of the best chocolate eggs for an amazing Easter, pandemic or not.


Reese’s Eggs 

Reese’s has a wide variety of chocolate eggs. From peanut butter eggs to whitecream peanut butter eggs to mini Reester Bunnies to peanutbutter golden eggs and the very popular shake and break milk chocolate Easter eggs. No one does peanut butter better than Reese’s. So if you are a peanut butter fan, this is your thing.


Cadbury Eggs


Cadbury also offers a huge variety of eggs. Along with the popular mini eggs, enjoy the smooth, silky taste of milk chocolate mini eggs, mini crème Easter Eggs, caramel filled eggs, shimmermilk chocolate eggs and dark chocolate eggs. Oreo also has an interesting range of Easter eggs. Choose from the Easter cookies and cream eggs, the limited edition Oreo Easter egg or the Easter cookies and crème bunny




Your favorite M&Ms have a very interesting range for Easter. There the milk chocolate filled Easter egg , milk chocolate speckled eggs, mystery mix bag,

Almond Easter eggs and the adorable Easter cane. Why M&Ms is a must add to the Easter basket? Well, kids can keep enjoying it for days in their cereal, desserts and milk.


Junior Mints 


Love the minty chocolaty flavor? These are your go to candies. Junior Mints have the Easter special Junior Mints Eggs or you could go for the regular Junior Mints, the dark chocolate filled with minty cream. Pretty hardcore though.




Ferrero’s crispy, crunchy, nutty texture combined with its smooth sweetness is out of this world. These lush Italian chocolates are loved by kids and adults alike. Choose from Easter chocolates including hazelnut eggs and caramel eggs. Instead of Easter basket, you can also choose from the egg shaped hazelnut chocolatebox or the adorable bunny shaped hazelnut chocolate box


Sweet Tarts 


The Sweet Tarts Easter pack is a true delight. Plastic eggs filled with children’s favorite Nerds, SweeTarts and Laffy Taffy candies. There’s a golden egg in each bag to add to the excitement of egg hunt.




The crispness of the eggshell and the delightful burst of flavorful chocolate make Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs a great choice for your Easter basket. The pastel colored speckled eggs look as awesome as they taste.




The iconic Hershey’s chocolate in a variety of Easter themed chocolates. Hershey’s amazing collection includes – candy coated Easter eggs, Hershey’s milk chocolate eggs, extra creamy milk chocolate eggs, milk chocolate covered marshmallow eggs, Hershey’scookie ’n’ crème eggs, Hershey’s milk chocolate mini bunnies , Hershey’s build-a-bunny milk chocolate, Hershey’s solid milk chocolate bunny, milkchocolate hollow bunny, Easterbunnies multi-pack and Hershey’s Easter miniatures.




The rich, luxurious of this creamy, chocolaty treat is irresistible. Lindt chocolates are a rage all over the world. The adorable Easter Collection by Lindt is a true delight. Check out the super cute milk chocolate carrots, mini milk chocolate gold bunny, milk chocolate mini ducklings, milkchocolate bugs and bees, milk chocolate mini lambs, milk chocolate little chicks, gold bunnymilk chocolate basket , tractorbunny, milk chocolate chick, milkchocolate mini eggs and milkchocolate truffle eggs.


May this Holiday bring healing and spread happiness to the world.


Happy Easter!


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