January 27, 2021

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Here’s How You Can Help Your Indoor Plants Grow Even in Winter

Not all of us have houses that allow sufficient sunlight for all our house plants. This problem becomes all the more intense during winters, when sun wouldn’t show up for days, or even weeks at a stretch. Grow lights typically emit purple light, a combination of red and blue wavelengths, that provides plants the essential energy to grow even when there is lack of natural sunlight.

Here are some of the best LED grow lights you can choose from.



Meidong LED 

Set up the timer according to the light conditions, the lamp will turn off and own automatically as per the timer. Switch between red, blue or purple mode. The light intensity can also be adjusted.

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With super light penetration, this big LED is good for a bigger collection of plants. Comes with an in-built cooling fan to avoid over-heating.

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Very portable and extremely adjustable, the Ktaxom lights take care of your plants even while you are away, office or vacation. Adjust necks for a wider spectrum and intensity as per light conditions at your place.

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 Great Value 


For a room full of plants, use a light bulb that emits grow lights. This shatter-free bulb will last for years, and are good for any room, not just the green house.

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Flexible gooseneck, low power consumption, low heat and high luminous efficiency make this little LED lamp a great choice for your indoor plants, home or office.

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This one is as easy as plugging this CFL into a standard size bulb socket. Cost and energy efficient, the CFL bulb is also environment friendly.

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Good for a wide variety of plants, this elegant planter lamp adds a refreshing energy to any modern setting, home or office. Easily switch between plant mode and lamp mode with a tap on its touch-sensitive panel.

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This is not just a lamp but a soil-free indoor grow kit. Comes with seven planting sea pods, bringing you a safer and healthier way of growing plants naturally. Automatic control panels for efficient use of light.

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Let this tall light system take care of all your plants at once. Flexible goosenecks for all the lamps will ensure none of your plants is out of focus. Perfect for home or office use.


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January 24, 2021

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All For A Good Night’s Sleep

A healthy lifestyle helps get a good night’s sleep. Not necessarily. Despite eating healthy food, exercising well and following health tips by the book, you may not get good sleep, the kind of sleep that repairs and rejuvenates your body, mind and you wake up to the best version of you.


If you are experiencing sleep problems, you are not alone. As per survey by National Sleep Foundation, around 7 million Americans suffer one or more forms of sleep disorders and are prone to chronic conditions due to lack of proper sleep. Interestingly, along side physical health, metal health is also is big factor affecting sleep. If you’ve had a stressful day, you are less likely to get peaceful sleep. And since you didn’t get good sleep, you are more likely to have a rough day. It’s a vicious cycle that end with many people ending up taking medications or one or other chronic condition that arises due to stress and sleep disorders.


You cannot help stress that comes with work, neither can you run from life because it has its ups and downs, but you can manage yourself such that you don’t take the stress and baggage to bed with you. Studies have proven that calming techniques can help with sleep disorders. If deficiency of sleep or disturbed sleep has started affecting your health, you must discuss it with your doctor, and seek professional help. However, if it’s still not too late, here are a few ways to can enhance the quality and duration of your sleep:


·         Have a proper sleep cycle. Go off to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Body has an internal clock, a natural cycle for metabolic functions, that gets disturbed with changing time table. Avoid sleeping in during weekends also, since varying weekday-weekend timing disturbs the body’s natural cycle. And if you are already experiencing sleep related health issues, it would be a good idea to take this seriously.

·         Taking a nap during the day to make up for less sleep is a good idea, but if it starts interfering with your night sleep, then you might want to change timing or do away with it completely.

·         Do not sleep during evenings, this can cause headaches and keep you wide awake at night.

·         During the day, use as much natural light as you can and at night avoid bright light.

·         Avoid late night TV or screen time at night. Read, but not on a screen, a book with bedside lamp which you can switch off when you are ready to sleep.

·         Do not consume any caffeinated food or beverage at night. Avoid having lots of liquids at night. Your sleep will be disturbed if you need to pee.

·         Avoid eating foods that have sugar and/ or refined carbs.

·         Avoid heavy meals at night, especially avoid spicy and acidic food.


Getting ready to sleep:


·         Dim lights around the house.

·         Take a warm bath with calming body wash.

·         Gently massage lavender oil to nourish your skin and clam your muscles.

·         Light up aroma therapy candles.

·         Try breathing exercises or meditation, whatever helps.

·         Keep your phone away. Do not check for messages, updates or anything else. If its important, they’ll call. Don’t be overwhelmed with details that you don’t need in the first place.

·         Put on some soothing sleep music, turn off your light and close your eyes.


Remember this is not a magic wand. It won’t start working immediately. If you’ve had bad sleep for years, give it at least a few weeks to get better. Keep following a good sleep routine, it will pay you.


And yes, don’t lose sleep over costly retail. Use coupons (www.geoqpons.com ). Download the app to never miss out on a great deal.


Wishing you peaceful sleep and happy mornings!

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January 21, 2021

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Valentine's Day Gifts Ready Reckoner

1.    Personalized greeting cards 

2.    Good old chocolates 

3.    Bouquet 

4.    V Day Pink Roses wreath 

5.    Luxury perfume set 

6.    Swarovski jewelry

7.    Valentine's special cookie basket      

8.    Love you more’ pajama set for the family    

9.    Cashmere ruana    

10.  Heart shape waffle maker      

11.  Exquisite jewelry stand    

12.  Hair styling iron    

13.  Vanity mini-fridge    

14.  Dior face palette    

15.  Eye shadow palette    

16.  Metallic dinosaur plush toy    

17.  Wireless earbuds    

18.  Bluetooth waterproof speaker    

19.  Instax camera    

20.  Virtual ping pong set    

21.  LED vanity mirror    

22.  Weekender bag    

23.  ‘Loving my mother angel figurine   

24.  Scrunchie and pink-sequin mask set    

25.  Exotic women’s perfume    

26.  Exotic men’s perfume   

27.  Snack lovers’ gift pack 

28.  Diamond and pearl necklace

29.  Silver diamond hoop earrings

30.  Multi-tool set with flashlight

31.  Cross necklace for men

32.  Unicorn fairy plush

33.  Trendy backpack

34.  BBQ set

35.  Anchor bracelet for men

36.  Minnie mouse figurine

37.  Digital air fryer

38.  Himalayan salt lamp

39.  Whiskey set

40.  Big pack of Hershey’s kisses 

41.  Homemade fudge

42.  Shake mixer bottle

43.  Smart watch

44.  Air purifier

45.  Electric aroma diffuser

46.  Phone sanitizer

47.  Neck and back heat massager 

48.  Touchless sanitizer dispenser

49.  Personal massager

50.  Sleep therapy sound soother 

51.  Makeup brush case

52.  Bathing beauty set

53.  Nail polish set

54.  Lip roll-out set 

55.  Spa basket set

56.  Beauty pamper set 

57.  ‘Naughty Nice’ hairpin set 

58.  Talking tire gauge 

59.  Shaved ice maker

60.  Love Potion wine glasses

61.  Travel Mug

62.  Embellished heart coupe tray

63.  Sleek decanter

64.  Vintage mugs

65.  Champagne flute glasses

66.  Chocolate fondue fountain

67.  Love you to the moon and back’ mug

68.  Cookie press set

69.  Gemstone butterfly nightlight

70.  Lantern nightlight

71.  Heart shaped bath bombs

72.  Delightful journal and love notes

73.  Working from home wellness kit

74.  2021 Explore the world calendar

75.  Winter blend herbal tea

76.  Melting snowman activity kit

77.  Kids fuzzy socks with fleece lining

78.  Foot therapy set

79.  Clay face mask kit

80.  Women’s fuzzy socks

81.  Tea and spa gift basket

82.  Body care gift set

83.  Footbath set

84.  Fruit relaxation gift set

85.  Exotic scented candles

86.  Heart shaped popsicle mold

87.  Unicorn headphones for little girls 

88.  Science experiment kit

89.  Frozen dolls set

90.  Robo vacuum 

91.   Super soft faux-furthrows

92.  Message in a bottle

93.  ‘You are my person’ insulated wine glass

94.  Picnic basket

95.  Men’s sandalwood shaving kit with travel bag 

96.  Crystal lotus for healing

97.  Men’s grooming – trimmer

98.  Starbucks tall mug with cookie and cocoa gift set

99.  Personalized popcorn bowl

100.    Personalized photo calendar 

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