February 22, 2020

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French Beauty Secret

Ever wondered what is the secret of exquisite French beauty? Yves Rocher. It’s French, it’s all natural and it’s awesome. Here’s how you can choose the perfect product for your specific skin type.

           Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs more care since any outside extremity, be it heat, cold wave or pollution, can add to the irritability of the skin. Yves Rocher have the perfect answer to this. Their sensitive skin care products include Sigesbeckia leaf extract with dermo-soothing properties, acts like a botanical poultice and soothes, strengthens and protects sensitive skin.

            Soothing Micellar Water 2 in 1 - Sensitive Skin 

Specifically designed for sensitive skin, the micellar water cleanses skin while it tones without irritating the skin.

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           Soothing Moisturizing Cream & Anti-Redness Moisturizing Cream 



While the soothing moisturizing cream will hydrate the skin, it will also clam your skin against any irritants. The anti-redness moisturizing cream eases irritability and redness on your skin. It also prevents further chances of redness.

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Sensitive Eye Cream


People with sensitive skin are especially concerned about their eyes. The eye contour has very delicate skin that can get easily irritable. This gel-textured eye cream gently soothes the delicate skin tenderly providing it the hydration it needs.

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Cleansing Cream – Sensitive Skin

Free of sulfate, this cleansing cream does not hurt or bother sensitive skin even while removing makeup, which can be otherwise a little too harsh on the skin. The cream gently cleans and comforts the skin, both at once.

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          Normal Skin

The tricky part with normal skin is – keeping it normal. Skin care products made for normal skin have to have the right balance of moisture and matiness. They have to be just the right combination of hydration, gentleness and care, any more or any less of it won’t do. At that, Yves Rocher got their formula just right.

Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Milk & Micellar Water





Do not stick to a cleanser type because you do not have options. Choose what suits your skin the best. All of these cleansers are created to perfect suit normal skin.

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Anti-Fatigue Fresh Moisturizing Gel

This anti-fatigue gels acts on the delicate skin arounds the eyes and refreshes and moisturizes it, just the right measure. Continued usage also reduces dark circles.

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Moisturizing Serum 

Replenish your skin with a perfectly balanced moisturizing serum. Feel the softness all day long.

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Exfoliating Gel 


Gently massage your face with bamboo micro-grains of the radiance exfoliating gel to rid your skin of dead skin and bring out that soft, glowing, fresh skin.

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           Dry Skin

Dry skin needs nourishing moisture and deep pore hydration to keep it healthy and beautiful. Dryness is not just a skin type, but also a skin condition that can cause wrinkles. Yves Rocher’s dry skin range is created to bring deep care that dry skin needs.

Anti-aging Day Cream
Give your skin the nourishment and the nutrition to be able to regenerate it. Get perfectly hydrated skin that looks pampered.

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Botanical Oil


See those wrinkles and fine lines vanishing away with this replenishing skin oil. The oil seeps in deep in your skin replenishing layers of your skin.

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Anti-Aging Night Cream

As you sleep and your skin rests too, the replenishing cream provides your skin with deep nourishment for a beautiful, glowing skin every morning.

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February 16, 2020

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Happy Valentine's Day!

 We love you too!

It’s Valentine's Day and we couldn’t resist telling you how much we value your love and support. We had to tell you how much we love bringing in all those coupons and deals for you, and how much we love it when you get those savings. Our team works relentlessly to dig for those discounts on the internet, off it, and when we are able to put across the deals and discounts up for you, we know all of it’s been worth it. When you use our coupons and the savings bring in a smile on your face, we know we succeeded.

Trust us, we love doing it. we love doing it every single day, over and over again. Because we love what we do. Because we love you.

Here’s wishing you and your loved ones a very happy Valentine's Day. May love in all it shades and hues color your life.

GeoQpons Team
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February 12, 2020

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Valentine's Day Party Decor

Hosting a Valentine's Day party? Here’s party décor that will add glitz to your party.
Spread the love and joy. Happy Valentine's Day!

Bright Valentine's Day Treat Bags

Pretty heart treat bags for Valentine's Day giveaways. Perfect way to spread love.

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Fancy Valentine's Day Exchange Cards with Tattoos


This is a great way to keep kids positively occupied during the party, if your party has kids that is.

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Giant Cupid Happy Valentine's Day Balloon
What’s a Valentine's Day party without a cupid? Here’s a cute cupid balloon that you can place on the entrance or inside for décor.

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Pink & Red Heart Valentine's Day Balloon Kit

Not just for party décor, use these cute balloons as an addon to the gift to make it extra special.

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Mini Heart Bubbles


It’s Valentine’s and love is in the air. No, seriously. These mini heart bubbles will add a zing to any Valentine Day picture.

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Glitter Heart & Arrow Head Bopper





This Cupid’s-arrow-through-your-head hairband is too cute a party prop, especially for Valentine's Day party.

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Dot & Chevron Heart Swirl Decorations


These decorative swirls will add glam and glitz to your party in no time. They are easy, quick and pretty.

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Valentine's Mini Lanterns 5ct


Let love light thy path! The cute heart printed lanterns will be a great décor accessory for Valentine's Day party.

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Deluxe Tinsel Heart

This tinsel heart is bursting with love. It’ll be the perfect accessory at the party entrance or would be equally great at the selfie corner.

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Valentine's Day Heart Doilies

Perfect for table placement or tray liners for desserts. Can also be accompaniments in the bag for party favors.

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Mini Valentine's Day Animal Sweethearts Gift Bags


These bags are so adorable, your guests will love them. Evrytime you look at them, your heart goes “aww”!

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February 11, 2020

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Last Minute Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Have been crazy busy? Genuinely forgot (and somehow managed to miss the marketing promo too)? Or want to do something different this time?

Quick-Fix Valentine's Day Breakfast 

You don’t have to be a pro to make an adorable Valentine's Day breakfast that melts your partner’s heart. The internet is flooded with tools to make your task easy. Just get semi-processed or ready mixes of pancake, muffins etc., use these cutters and molds, and you are through.













Lunch Box Note

Imagine opening your lunch box and getting a cute message inside? It sure will bring a smile on. 

Love Notes

You can make little love notes and stick them on the wall or on the fridge. Buy your heart-shaped sticky notes here.



Pinterest Board

Create a Pinterest board and gather pins of all the things your sweetheart likes or things you want to do together. Share the link on her social media.

You Tube Video

Here’s a great You Tube video idea. List down the things you want to tell your partner, like good things about them, the reasons you love them, things you want to do with them in future or maybe just cute romantic messages. Go to a public place and have total strangers say each of those things. Combine the clips and create the video. A good song for the background music and you are done.

Valentine’s Poster

Select a love quote, either from quotes on the internet or from a love poem or from the lyrics of a song. If you are good with calligraphy paint it on a poster size paper or design it on the computer, have it framed.

Get a good quality poster printed here: https://www.psprint.com/

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A Day Off from Parenting

Arrange to send your kids to the grandparent’s or family or friends where you and your partner are sure kids are well taken care of and you don’t have t worry about them. Take the day off from house work, laundry, cleaning and kitchen. Just spend a great day relaxing and spending quality time together.


Repeat Your Wedding Vows

Write them, record them or find some other creative ways to do repeat your wedding vows. If you haven’t tied the knot yet, this can be a great opportunity to write them.

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