July 26, 2021

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Keep Your Makeup From Getting All Splotchy In Summer

You put on the perfect makeup, step out just to realize that within 30-40 minutes your makeup starts running down – visible cracks in foundation, mascara smeared up, blobs on eyelids; it’s a nightmare.

Wondering how to keep enjoying pool side parties with worrying about worrying about your makeup making your face look like a smudged cake? Here are some pro tips for you:

Use waterproof make only

This is more commonsense than a pro tip. Even if you are going to work and not to a pool party, waterproof makeup will not start running down as your skin gets sweaty due to heat.

Clean your face before you apply makeup

Your skin tends to get sweaty and oily in summer. Even if followed your routine to clean, tone and moisturize your face, just before you are ready to apply your makeup, clean it once again with micellar water,


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After cleaning your face, pat dry and apply perfecting primer that suits your skin type and tone. This will help keep the makeup in place for long.

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Apply powder

If you’ve been applying powder after foundation, during summers make it a point to apply it before foundation also. Powder will help absorb all the excess oil and will make your makeup last way longer. Apply a translucent powder  to avoid making your face appear too cakey.

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Use matt lipsticks

Creamy and glossy lipsticks will be runny too. Use matt lipsticks for the perfect summer look that lasts.

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Dab sweat, don’t wipe it

Wiping sweat is a bad idea, it’ll wipe your makeup also. Instead, use a beauty blend sponge ( HYPERLINK  ) to get rid of the sweat on your face. Wet the sponge and gently dab it on your makeup. This will take off the swat and freshen your makeup as well.

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July 22, 2021

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Supermarket Secrets They Never Tell You

Supermarkets bring to us a variety of things under one roof providing us convenience and savings too. But did you know that supermarkets are not necessarily benign and budget friendly after all? They are designed to make you spend more on things you don’t really need. Don’t believe it? Here are some stealthy secrets from your ‘super friendly’ superstore.

Avoid the center when shopping for grocery

Super markets are invariably designed around this simple principle – fresh food like vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats are along the outer walls while the center aisles are full of processed, boxed, canned and bagged foods. If you start shopping along the edges and move to the center later, you will end up with lesser calorie-packed, processed junk food and more of healthy fresh food.

They tease your senses

Ever wondered why does the supermarket bakery does not have a calorie count on its items? The captivating smell of fresh baked cookies with fine coffee aroma, the bewitching look of beautifully crafted gourmet desserts and tantalizing savories, all of it is designed to tease your senses and make you forget about calories or health. You end up buying all the calories that you’ve otherwise managed to avoid.

It’s all about packaging and presenting

Did you ever notice that you are very likely to pick up a granola bar if the package says ‘no added sugar’ and if it’s kept with health food, without actually checking the calories count? The information on the package and its presentation makes you believe it is health food, but if read the calorie chart you’ll see that the little piece of health bar is actually worth around 500 calories.

The ready-to-eat meals from the supermarket are as reasonably priced as you thought

After a tiring trip to the supermarket, you might not be keen on getting home and preparing a meal. Ready-to-eat meals in the supermarket present the perfect solution, a meal that doesn’t need to be cooked (maybe just heated), and is not as costly as eating out. But if you actually calculate, these meals are not so reasonably priced as you may have thought. In fact, if you add up the meals for 4 trips, and compare it to something you would have otherwise eaten at home, you’ll get a figure that might surprise you. This is still not considering the extra calories you consumed.

Time is an illusion

Supermarkets have no clocks or windows to give you a sense of time. Flooded with artificial light, supermarkets are designed to keep you in, with time standing still. The more you stay, the more you are likely to buy.

Cereals are calories

You are made to believe that cereals are healthy. Well, if you compare them to burgers and fries, yes they are, but if you look at the calories count of 100 grams of cereal, it will come to over 300 calories, which is a lot. Especially, the carb packed sugary cereals that are strategically placed on lower shelves to tempt kids with colorful packaging.

Self-check-out is healthier

Studies have shown that self-check-out is healthier – both for the budget and the waistline. When people are checking themselves out, the y leave out impulse purchases like snack bars, candies etc.

Look high, low and beyond

The shelves at eye level are often the brands that pay supermarkets extra for that place. Look at the shelves high and low, you might find healthier and cheaper stuff.

Compare weight v/s cost instead of just cost

Most of the times the discount on price seems so lucrative that you buy the product without actually comparing it properly. If the $6 pack is marked down to $4.5, you’d find the offer tempting. But if you compare the contents it might have less quantity to another box marked at the same price but no discount. Remember, the comparison should always be weight v/s cost.

Go for the small fish

Thanks to the pollution, fishes have mercury and pesticides in their muscle and fat store. When a larger fish eats a small fish, the small fish’s mercury and pesticides get added to the large fish’s body. Hence larger the fish, more the traces of pollution in it. Buy smaller fish, it’s healthier, or less harmful.




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July 20, 2021

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Low Calorie Alternatives For Every-Day Food Items


If you are following a healthy lifestyle, you already know the importance of healthy diet. Healthy diet need not be a strict diet-plan that restricts half the food choices, and makes you stick to a routine that’s practically not viable. Healthy diet can be as simple as choosing for low-calorie substitutes for your regular food.

Here’s a list of low-cal replacements for the usual food in your pantry.



Low Calorie Alternative

Grains – Pasta & Cereals

Ramen Noodles

Rice Noodles

Regular Granola Bars

Rice Crispies

Unsweetened Granola

Chocolate Cereal

Unsweetened Cereal

Ragi Bites

Barley/Corn Flakes

Unsweetened Muesli




Oats, Oatmeal


Corn, Cornmeal

Poultry, Meat & Fish

Cold Cut Meats

(Salami, Bologna, Sausages)

Low Fat Pressed Meats

Low Fat Cold Cuts

Lean Ham

Beef, Ground Beef

Lean Ground Beef

Ground Turkey

Fat Trimmed Beef

Poultry Meat With Skin

Poultry Meat Without Skin

Canned Tuna in Oil

Canned Tuna in Water

Regular Eggs

Egg Whites


Whole Milk

Skimmed Milk

Ice Cream

Frozen Yogurt (unsweetened)

Sour Cream

Low Fat Yogurt

Coffee Cream

Fat-Free Milk Powder (unsweetened)


Some important points regarding health food:

·         Choose broth-based soup over cream soup.

·         For anything in dairy, look for skimmed milk version or fat-free version.

·         Sugar = calories = health problems. Avoid sugar as far as you can.

·         Do not be taken for a ride by the label “sugar free”. Companies have devised clever ways to camouflage sugar under the name sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, barley malt, dextrose, maltose, rice syrup, sugarcane syrup, sugarcane crystals etc. All of these essentially mean sugar and in some cases more calories than sugar. Natural sweeteners are healthier than sugar so look for the phrase ‘no artificial sweetener’, or ‘no added sugar’.

·         In many cases, the fat-free or low-calories version of an item is just a few calories lesser than the regular version of the same item, but the price difference is huge. It’s always good to compare the regular food item with it’s fat-free or low-calorie version for the total calorie difference vis-a-vie the price difference.



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July 13, 2021

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Take Fun Seriously – Summer Apparel For R&R


What fun is summer if you don’t get into the cheery mood and chill-out with your friends in ultra-cool clothing? Pastel shades, light, breezy and totally care-free – checkout these summer clothes.


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July 11, 2021

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How To Start Saving For Holidays?

We usually don’t give this much thought until it’s Holiday time already. With Holiday gifts, décor, dinners and last-minute Holiday outfit shopping, most of us are left high and dry. But, with a little planning, you can not only get great gifts that your family and friends will love, but also have a great time enjoying Holidays to the fullest because there’ll be no cash crunch or credit card bill haunting you. If you calculate from now on, you have approximately 20 weeks until Thanksgiving. It would make sense to start saving and planning for Holidays now on.

Here’s some help to get you started.

1.       It’s always a good idea to start with a list. Write all the names of your loved ones that you need to buy gifts or greetings for.

2.       Once you have your list in place, segregate names under greetings and gifts. For gifts also, regroup the names according to the gift budget – say under $10, $10-30, over $50 etc.


3.      Write down other expenses – travel, clothes, food, charity etc. and write the budget besides each head. Keep buffer for last-minute expenses.

4.      Now you know how much money you need, divide it with the number of weeks you have until Thanksgiving or Christmas. You will know how much money you to save every week to reach your goal. Say your total budget requirement is 1000 dollars and you have 20 weeks before the holidays, you need to save $50 every week.


5.     Start keeping money aside.

Here are a few ways to increase cashflow to help your Holiday savings.

1.     Cut back on take-out. Cutting back on even one meal per day or 4-5 meals in a week, you can save considerably. Cook food at home, it would not only helps save money but is good for health also.

2.      Pick up some part time jobs like walking dogs, doing some errands on the weekends, helping someone maintain their garden, babysit kids or anything that helps you reach your savings budget.

Some more tips to help you get discounts on the gifts you like.

1.     Don’t wait for Christmas, literally. Christmas sales can be maddening, plus you cannot be sure you’re getting the best deal. Keep buying gifts throughout the year whenever you feel you’re getting a great deal.

2.      Download GeoQpons to be on top of your savings game. Get the latest discount coupons from over 300 stores across America.  


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July 06, 2021

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Everything You Need For Your Theme Birthday Party


Whether you are planning a birthday party for a little girl or your 50-year old friend or for a 20-something all-gaga-in-life youngster, Party City has you covered. Check out the wide range of supplies for all kinds of themes.


Getting-Old Theme

Planning a fun birthday party for a friend, colleague or loved one getting old? You’ll find just the right décor and party merchandise for tones of pranks and fun stuff for a fun-filled birthday party.


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Princess Theme

You cannot have a princess theme birthday party without a tiara. Choose from a variety of tiaras and headbands for the little princess and royal her friends.


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Other things you’ll need for your little princess’s birthday.



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Pretty-in-pastels Theme

Pretty pastel colors with a hint of gold, this theme is a classic that works for all age groups and occasions.

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Gold Theme 

Go bold with gold. 




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July 04, 2021

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Clothes With An Attitude: Tops And Tees For Teens

Whether you are looking for a gift for a teenager or browsing for really cool tees for yourself or just screen-shopping, you’ve got to see this collection. Anime, gamer, music, pop-culture, rock-bands, DC, Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars – it’s all in here.

Anime Tees

Not just the animation, these t-shirts are high on style too. 



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Gamer Tees

Inspired by some of the best video games, these t-shirts are epic.



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Music Tees

Rock on with your favorite band and singers.





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Fandom Tees

DC Comics, Marvel, Harry Potter, Disney, Star Wars and more – become the fandom squad.


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