November 27, 2020

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Ideas For Thanksgiving 2020

As much as I love Thanksgiving and the Thanksgiving dinners with all loved ones around, I know this time around it just cannot be. When my mom called to say that she was not hosting her customary dinner, and then my best friend cancelled it too, my first reaction was anger and resentment. I couldn’t hate 2020 more for having taken so much from us and made us suffer so much. But that goes against the spirit of Thanksgiving. So instead of going on with my complaints, I chose to rise above and thank it.


I’m thankful I’m alive. I’m thankful for the change in perspective. I’m thankful for having learned to not take life for granted. I’m thankful for now I know the true value of my family, friends and loved ones. I’m thankful for understanding that what really matters in life; money, job, office with a view, penthouse, none of this can stop misery when it strikes.


Those were all bitter lessons, but I am thankful for having learned and risen above.


And yes, I am going to celebrate Thanksgiving with my favorite people. Here are a few ideas I am sharing in case you are emotionally in that same place as I am, this would help. It helped me.



1.    Send a handwritten letter or card to your loved ones telling them how much they mean to you and all the things you are thankful about.

2.    Send them Thanksgiving gifts by ordering online and have the gifts mailed directly to them. Use coupons from to get awesome discounts.

3.    Play an online game with your friends. Choose from a large variety including Amongus, Jackbox,, Uno, Thanksgiving Trivia and so many more.

4.    Catch up with your friends by playing two truths and a lie. After having spent all this time apart, this could be a great way to catch up.

5.    Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. While the parade is TV-only this year to avoid crowd, but the good news is it’s on!

6.    Volunteer to help out. With the pandemic and lockdown, there are so many people in distress. It would be a good idea to help out however you can – money, food, clothes, hands-on help, anything.

7.    Dress-up and share your thanksgiving pictures with your friends and family. Encourage them to do so as well. Dressing up instantly elevates the mood, and so many of us could use that now.

8.    Order Thanksgiving dinner for someone in distress, a neighbor who’s alone, a homeless person, a policeman on duty, anyone in need.

9.    Go on a family bike ride. Bike rides ensure essential distance is maintained and is a great outdoor activity which can break the monotone of being indoors all the time.

10.  Decorate your home for fall, and light up fall candles. Use coupons for added discounts.


I hope you found your Thanksgiving inspiration. If you have an interesting idea that I missed out, do let me know in the comments below.


In the spirit of thanksgiving – thank you for reading this!



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