November 09, 2014

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Savvy Shopping

How to make the most of your online shopping

As much fun and convenient online shopping is, a little lag in security can turn the whole event into a painful and traumatizing experience. The good news is it doesn’t take much to ensure that the experience does remain delightful and not otherwise.

Here’s a list of Dos and Don’ts that can ensure you have a great shopping experience and your money along with your personal information remains safe and secure for you.

If you feel it’s not right, it probably isn’t

Some websites look tacky or fishy the minute you open them, for instance the language might not be apt, there might be a lot of spelling and grammar errors, pictures might be low resolution or watermarked from other website, there might be requests for overindulgent personal information or something else peculiar that catches your eye. If you find a website you are not sure of, to check the validity of the website look for trust symbols like McAffee, BBB or other reputed trust symbols.

Watch out for spam

The objective of sending spam is to hook vulnerable Internet users, urge personal information out of them and misuse it. So if you receive a fancy email asking you to click on a link to get an unbelievable deal or a very lucrative offer, in all probability, you are being the victim of phishing. Even if you receive an email informing of an offer, instead of clicking on the link go to the legitimate website and make your purchase.

Check the address bar

There can be times when a website is redirected to another website. Before you make your purchase, process checkout, check the address bar to ensure you are in the legitimate website and not the spoofed version.

Use your credit card to make purchases, not your debit card

Your credit card company usually takes care of the fraudulent purchases. If you happen to land up in a fraud, your credit card company will reimburse you. Or least you will have the law and consumer rights to protect you.

Use online payment gateways

Online payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout make life easier at least when it comes to online payments. If you are registered with such a payment gateway, your bank and credit card details remain secure with these companies and you’re your purchase payment gets processed through the gateway.

Mobile App – The safest and most convenient way to make purchases online

There’s still the best way to make online purchases, the future of shopping, mobile app. Download the app from a retail site you relate to. The app will keep your personal information secure while providing you with a personalized, convenient platform to shop. Since the apps on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store need to abide by strict norms and are closely monitored for quality and compliance, you can be rest assured with financial and personal information. Most apps work on the principle – convenience is the key and guess who’s to gain?



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