May 15, 2015

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Toys For Girls and Boys

It is such a pleasure to see your little one unwrap a pack and scream with joy to see the gift inside. On the other hand, buying that gift can be quiet a tedious task. Picking out that perfect gift from a zillion options available and getting it at a reasonable cost can be very daunting. To make your life easier here is a list of some of the newest and coolest toys at unbelievable discounts.

Boho Bands

A wonderful gift for a girl who loves creativity. The pack contains a beading loom, colorful plastic beads, three color twines, thread, needles and instructions. Girls can create beautiful, colorful bracelets for self and for gifting. A great gift for 8 years and above.
$17.59  $21.99  Save $4.40

Star Wars Yoda and Chewbacca

Star Wars Yoda and Chewbacca in their authentic bandolier strap and Jedi robe. If your child loved Star Wars, wait to see the reaction when he gets this adorable pair.
$3.49  $4.99  Save $1.50

Tutu Skirt Kit

What could be a gift for your little ballerina? This DIY Tutu Skirt kit contains 60 pre-cut strips of tulle, six satin ribbons, five rubber bands, elastic waist bands and easy-to-follow instructions to help your little princess make her own tutu. No sewing required.
$15.19  $18.99  Save $3.80

Cute Dinosaur

Your little one will love it when this cute dinosaur stomps around on the touch of a button. The child friendly remote operates on 2 AA batteries that are not a pert of the standard package. Suitable for children aged 3 and above.
$10.39  $12.99  Save $$2.60

Modeling Clay

Gift your little artist modeling clay set and see her imagination take shape. Four fun colors that will enthuse your child’s creative instinct. A gift that every child will love.
$3.99  $4.99  Save $1.00

Adorable Pony

This adorable pony can be colored and washed again and again. Your child will love how everyday the pony can be colored to a new hue. Wonderful savior for a rainy day.
$15.99  $19.99  Save $4.00

Tote Bag

A little girl will love a tote bag that she can color to suit her taste. This creative bag comes with baggage tag and six colorful permanent markers. A great gift to get her interested in creativity.
$17.59  $21.99  Save $4.40


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