July 15, 2015

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Top Stores That Offer Fashion And Style For Less

Looking out for stores that stock good looking, affordable clothing? We’ve put together a list some of our favorites, with specifics on what to look for in each.

There’s so much of variety in the market that choosing what you actually want and from where from, becomes quiet a task. With countless stores, huge variety of merchandise, wide range of price options and several deals & offers available, you are left confused more often than not.

So, if have shopping on your mind, you should start with a list of things you need. A list will help you get the things you really want and will also help keep focus. And when you have your “what-to-buy” sorted, you need to figure out where to but it from. We’ve put together a list of stores that will help you save time, money and energy. Since these stores also sell online, you can actually shop from the convenience of your home.


We recommend it for: Men’s formal wear, women’s and children apparel and jewelry.

Macy’s is the bargain super store. Look out for special offers like “One-day sales” to help you save. You can also check out coupons to get you great deals on your shopping from Macy’s.


We recommend it for: Formal dresses, fashion apparel, Nordstorm’s in-house brands, sweaters, splurges, and exceptional sales.

When you look at the Nordstrom collection, you see premium brands like Hugo Boss, Michael Kors, Prada to name a few, and you instantly know this won’t be “affordable” shopping. But Nordstrom’s in-house brands offer superb style at amazingly reasonable prices. Although Nordstrom’s not on a year-long sale, but when they do offer discounts, it’s worth every bit.

Bealls Florida

We recommend it for: Casual wear, accessories, kids’ wear There’s no denying that Bealls’s stuff looks good. But the best part remains to be the prices. At Bealls you can get some really cool stuff at amazingly low prices and if you top it with discount coupons, you get a steal.

Old Navy, Gap, & Banana Republic

We recommend them for: Top class fashion apparel There’s a reason these three are listed together. The owning company for all these three brands is the same. Brand placing for the three brands is where the difference lies. Old Navy is more of a bargain family brand, Banana Republic, although luxurious, claim to be affordable luxury and Gap is more for the style conscious. When shopping any of these brands, do look out for discount coupons. You have them available year-round and with coupons you really wouldn’t mind drifting a little from your list.

Lands End

We recommend it for: Family fashion, accessories They have a certain thing about their styling and quality that has made them so popular. The fit for men and women clothes is amazing, the quality is superb and prices are within reach. During sale time you can get tees for as low as under $10.


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