August 03, 2015

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How To Shop Smart During A Sale

We know what women love more than shopping? Shopping in a sale! In fact the excitement of shopping in a sale is so high that most women find themselves lost in the aisles of temptation and more often than not, end up buying most of the stuff they didn’t need or miss out on something that they really needed. So here’s to making your life easy – the rocket science of savvy shopping in sale finally revealed.

Wait, if you can

You need a handbag. Either you need it that bad that you can’t wait to buy it, in which case the retail you pay for your handbag would be worth it, or you need it but you can wait for the sale season. If you can wait for the sale season to arrive, here’s what you should do – surf the Internet for the handbag you like. Shortlist two or three handbags by either book marking the pages or adding them to your wish list on the website. As the sale season starts, check out the discounts offered on the bags you shortlisted and get the one you want.

Six to eight weeks

Stores keep latest designs and styles up for six to eight weeks before putting them on sale because by then it’s time to get fresh stock. So if you want to buy something wait for six to eight weeks before you look up the item in discount shelves. Combining the deals with discount coupons makes the already reduced prices even cheaper.

Thursdays for in-store shopping

If you were going shopping to the store, Thursday would be a good day. Because a lot of people shop over the weekend, stores usually markdown old merchandise and roll new merchandise.

Policy and procedures

Although shopping in a sale can be very fulfilling but the whole experience can become pretty bitter if you get caught in some clause in the retailer’s return policy.



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