June 16, 2016

Published Thursday, June 16, 2016 with 5 comments

New At Buying Wedding Gift?

Is there a wedding you have to attend and you’ve been wondering what would be a good wedding gift? Read on for tips that help you choose a great wedding gift.

Run Through The Registry

This is the practical side of gift selection. Couples would often list their favorite stores or add the things they want in the registry. When you run through the registry you would either find something you want to buy for them or if not, you’ll get a fair idea of their taste. It is absolutely oaky to buy something out of the registry, just that registry helps you understand what they need and what is their taste.

How Closely Do You Know The Couple

If the couple has not set up a registry or you are not sure you want to pick up a gift from the registry, think what would the couple want. Do you know the couple well? Do you know their taste and their likes? In that case choosing a gift can be easy. Select something that will appeal to the bride and the groom equally. For instance, if they both like outings and adventure, you might choose to gift them a digital camera. But if you do not know the couple that closely then here are a few things that are not personal and in general would be needed around the house:
  • Chinaware
  • Pan set or some kitchen ware
  • Porcelain vase
  • Casserole set
  • Bar cart
  • Cutlery set
  • Cook book set
  • Wine bottle holder and glass set
  • Personalized champagne
  • Towel & Throw set
  • Comforter set
  • Embroidered linen set
  • Crystal glass set
  • Watches for Him & Her
  • Gift voucher from their favorite store

Shared Gifts

If you know someone who is also invited for the wedding and they are will to share, a shared gift can be great idea. You can buy something expensive and not end up burning your pockets.

Do Include The Gift Receipt

Even if you are very sure what you have picked up is awesome, still include the gift receipt. There is a good chance that someone else has bought the same thing, or the gift doesn’t really go well with the setting of their house, or it’s not as per their taste. Including the gift receipt would give the couple a chance to exchange the gift for something they really like or something they really want. No hard feelings either side!


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