August 17, 2016

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Get Fashionable Rio Style

Rio Olympics are a great inspiration for many. The sports, the hard work, the pain, the glory…all of it is a splendid story that inspires billions of people around the globe. Here’s another reason you should watch out for the Olympic players, their style. All of them are masters in their performance, some of them also have an impeccable sense of style. Inspired by the fitness and fashion, here’s a great collection you can wear to the gym or while you are working out. True inspiration!

Attivo Womens Space Dye Banded Activewear Skort

$26.40 $44.00 Save $17.60

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Women's New Balance Get Back Scoopneck Racerback Workout Tank

$19.99 $50.00 Save $30.01

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Women's Flyaway Tankini Swim Top

$22.00 $44.00 Save $22.00

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Island Escape Plus Size Calypso Crochet Twist Tankini Top 

$26.99 $54.00 Save $27.01

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Women's Halter Tankini Swim Top

$17.60 $44.00 Save $26.40

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Women's Athletic Bikini Top

$20.00 $30.00 Save $50.00

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Hula Honey Printed Bralette Bikini Top

$9.99 $28.00 Save $18.01

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Lole - Turquesa Halter/Bandeau Bikini Top

$7.50 $50.00 Save $42.50

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Women's Mesh Panel Athletic Capris

$20.50 $40.00 Save $20.00

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New Balance - Fitted Mid Rise Studio Tight

$36.00 $90.00 Save $54.00

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Women's Athletic Capri Pants

$19.00 $38.00 Save $19.00

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New Balance - Melange Crush Capri

$17.99 $45.00 Save $27.01

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