September 30, 2016

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Men’s Halloween Costumes Under $50

This is the perfect time of the year to flaunt your fall jackets. Here are some of the trendiest styles at coolest discounts this season.

Slytherin Robe

Harry Potter fan? You’ll love this easy and effortless costume. Get the sexy mysteriously cunning look of Slytherin.
$23.98 $49.99 Save $17.01

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Superman Costume

This plus size costume is an absolute classic. Your kids will love it. Super Daddy!
$42.99 $69.99 Save $27.00

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Matrix Neo Halloween Costume

Neo from The Matrix. As sexy as it gets. Glasses included.
$29.86 $49.99 Save $20.13

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Frankenstein Halloween Costume

Halloween’s most popular get-up, Frankenstein.
$47.25 $64.99 Save $17.74

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Zoolander Mugatu Halloween Costume

Mugatu costume. Wig and goatee included.
$42.98 $69.99 Save $27.01

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Dr Evil Deluxe Halloween Costume

Bald cap’s included with this Dr. Evil costume. Don’t cure the sick, kill them!!
$43.30 $69.99 Save $21.69

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Dr Bugs Bunny Halloween Costume

Bugs Bunny from Loony Toons. Kids will love you. What’s up doc!!
$49.99 $74.99 Save $25.00

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Skeleton Halloween Costume

This plus-size costume has 3D looking Skelton printed on it. Looks super cool in the dark.
$25.91 $39.99 Save $14.08

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Ring Master Halloween Costume

Control the crowd in your super cool ring-master outfit.
$46.25 $74.99 Save $28.74

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Spongebob Deluxe Halloween Costume

Another one of kids’ favorite, Sponge Bob Square Pants. Tunic and shoes only.
$49.54 $79.99 Save $30.45

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Robin Skin Suit Halloween Costume

Well, apparently its not that tough to get into the skin of world’s most loved thief – Robin Hood. Cape included.
$42.98 $69.99 Save $27.01

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Dog The Bounty Hunter Halloween Costume

This super cool costume will bring out your super cool attitude. Checkout Dog The Bounty Hunter’s here.
$36.99 $49.99 Save $13.00

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Green Lantern Shirt Halloween Costume

Be the Green Lantern this Halloween and use the super cool t-shirt year round.
$20.00 $32.99 Save $12.99

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Outhouse Halloween Costume

The Outhouse costume is funny, funky and different. Includes body tunic and headgear.
$34.44 $54.99 Save $20.55

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Voldemort Halloween Costume 

Voldemort from Harry Potter series. Get into true Halloween spirit.
$31.16 $49.99 Save $18.83

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Batman Deluxe Muscle Halloween Costume 

Become non other than Batman himself.
$46.25 $74.99 Save $28.74

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Spider-Man Muscle Chest Halloween Costume

What if you haven’t been able to work out year round. This suit will give you enough muscle.
$42.98 $69.99 Save $27.01

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Fred Flintstone Halloween Costume

Hey Wilma! Fred’s here. Meet the Flintstone, Fred Flintstone himself.
$44.20 $74.99 Save $30.79

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