March 21, 2017

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Retail Secrets Revealed – Shopping Hacks for Top Brands

Forever 21

Shopping at Forever 21 can be both annoying and fun at the same time. Fun because you have so much at such an amazing cost, and annoying because the giant store actually has so much of variety that it can effectively baffle your mind. Here’s the trick, for Forever 21 shop online. But before you start shopping, check out @f21finds on Instagram and #F21XME on Twitter to get an inspiration on the kind of trending styles from Forever 21.


Feel special with a personal stylist services at J.Crew, you can actually ask for one. The best part being you don’t have to go around the store hunting for merchandise, this complimentary service will help you pick up the best suited merchandise for your needs.

Victoria’s Secret

Looking for the lingerie you like and trying to find your size can be pretty overwhelming. Here’s what you should do. Ask the shop assistant to measure your size, and then once they have your size they can actually bring the big bra box that has almost all styles in your specific size.


Wal-Mart has a reputation of lowest prices, which might not necessarily be true all the time. Whenever you are shopping, try and do a comparative study online. There are items for which you can actually find prices lower than Wal-Mart.


Buying in bulk packages saves you money. Not every time. There have been instances when a keen buyer noticed that for a certain product, a twin package had a bulk discount, but the retail of each pack was marked higher than single pack. So as a smart shopper, comparing individual prices and calculating the actual discounts would give you the real deal.



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