January 02, 2019

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Practical, Sensible, Do-able New Year Resolutions 2019

Floss, gym, less swearing, more water, no sugar, keeping in touch, saving money, reduced caffeine, … has your new-year resolutions list worked for you?

Well, let’s call this ‘style goals’, because most of us have failed our new-year resolutions list.

Here are some great fashion and style tips for the coming year. If you haven’t been implementing them already, these can become great style-goals for year ahead or they can even be your new-year resolutions, if you are a hopeless utopian that is.

Here’s wishing you a happy new year and a stylish new start!

To begin with, sort your wardrobe. Take out clothes you haven’t worn in a while, say like in the past one year or so. Chances are that you are not going to wear them any time soon. Make a give-away pile, and add these clothes to the give-away pile. Many-a-times we get too comfortable with a particular style and end up having different colors of the same. Choose the colors you like the least and add these to the give-away pile too.

If you think a particular color or tone is dominating your wardrobe, take out some clothes that you wear the least. These go in the give-away pile too. Bored of something? Add that to the pile too. Give these clothes away, to the charity, to a friend, to the homeless, anything. Just give them away.

Now that you have a leaner wardrobe, it’s time to add some zing. Yea!

Now, before you really get into googling ‘style trends 2019’, analyze, do you really want to go down this road? It’s not about what’s trendy, but it’s about what makes you comfortable and confident. It’s actually about you and your style, and not really about some slinky model on the runway, or some swanky designer of fancy, obnoxiously expensive clothes. It’s about you and your personal panache. So, confidently, unapologetically, be you.

Think of styles and colors you’ve secretly admired, but never dared. Come out of your comfort zone. Get some of those colors, some of those style. Go explore. Have fun. But don’t drastically overdo it. Change one thing at a time. You’ll be more comfortable that way. Try a new top with your favorite jeans, a new skirt with your old sweater.

The next thing you need to do is, try out. Have a dramatic dress you wanted to wear, try it out. Don’t just wear clothes that are ‘safe’. Wear bold if you want to, or dress minimally if that feels right.

Try the same with your make-up and accessories too. Try something you’ve always wanted to, dare, bare, anything you feel.

This new year or any time of your life for that matter, should be about making your life fuller and happier. And style should be no different.

Wishing you a grand 2019! Make it about you.  



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