December 28, 2019

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The New Science of Comfortable Sleep – Weighted Blanket

 Seen those posts of cozy, comfortable sleep under a weighted blanket? This wonderful new product helping people get the much-longed cozy comfortable sleep is not just a fad, there’s a whole study and science behind it.

Pretty much as the name says, a weighted blanket is a heavy blanket that has weight distributed across the blanket. This is a great product for anyone but it especially helps people with anxiety issues. The weighted blanket literally weighs you down like a comfortable hug. Warmth and secure feeling from the hug results from the release of the relaxation hormone called Oxytocin which helps stabilize blood pressure and another hormone called Serotonin which reduces stress. The comfort also reduces the secretion of Cortisol, a hormone that flares up when the anxiety level is high.

A general rule to choose the right weighted blanket for you is to choose a blanket that weighs as mush as approximately 10 percent of your body weight. If you are seeing a therapist or a doctor for some reason, it would be a good idea to take their opinion first.

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