October 29, 2020

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Unusual Gifts For Men – Things He Will Relish And More Importantly, Use

Birthdays, anniversaries, Holidays and other special occasions, seems like 365-day job of planning, finding and finally buying gifts, a different gift every time. You may call it sexist, except practically speaking, buying a gift for a woman is a whole lot easier than buying a (sensible) gift for a man. While women spend on beauty (fashion included), men invest in utility (again, fashion included). Most of the things that men use would be of utility, so chances are that they’d most probably have them.

So, back to the question – what do you buy for the man who has everything.

Here’s our answer – else! Here’s what you buy for a man who has everything else:

Ankle and wrist pound bracelet


If he is a fitness freak, he’ll love this. These trendy looking weight bracelets are apt for training, whether it’s yoga or running, doing cardio, or even simply walking. The weights add to the resistance making weight loss and body toning easier.

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 Wine Subscription / Wine basket

The thing with wine is, you can never have enough. This is a fabulous gift, either choose a beautifully packed, exotic wine basket or even better buy them a monthly subscription in which they get their preferred wines not just once but over and over again.

Teeth Whitening Kit 

Everybody loves a whiter and brighter smile. This thoughtful gift will be cherished and used, definitely.

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Cashmere Beanie

With winters approaching, a soft, warm cashmere beanie will be a great gift. Moreover, even if he already has it, an extra beanie is as welcome.

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Luxurious Playing Cards’ Deck

Some things are beyond utility, they are about the story, the luxury and the craftsmanship. If you aren’t already aware, you’d be surprised to see how fascinating can the collectors’ pieces of playing cards be.

Portable Transparent Speaker

This gorgeous little piece is sure to be an instant hit. Its sound quality combined with its Bluetooth capability, and the stunning clear look, how can one not love it, it’s just perfect.

Luxe Sugar cubes

Strictly for a man of refined tastes. These exotic sugar cubes come in a variety of delicate and refined flavors. Look for the season’s specials or cocktail cubes.

Portable UV Sanitizing Box

The year that has been, there can be perhaps nothing more thoughtful than a UV sanitizing box. This box can be used for almost all hand-held things, and it destroys 99.9 percent germs, including coronavirus.

Luxe Wine Rack 

This aesthetic wine rack would compliment any luxurious setting. Fine wine deserves a fine rack after all. 

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Travel Book 

A travel book which could actually make for his bucket list. Next thing to do, slip in the plan.

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Texting Gloves 

This is an absolute essential, gloves that respond to the touch screen of smart phones can be one of the most useful gifts during winters.

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