February 08, 2022

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Did You Know This About Valentine's Day?

Whether you are obsessing over Valentine's Day or just curious about interesting facts you don’t really need to know but still would love to, here’s some fascinating information that won’t let you down.

Teachers ace the V-Day race

Couldn’t believe it too! But it’s true – teachers score the highest when it comes to the number of V-Day cards received. Another surprise entry into the high-receivers’ club is pets. Post COVID, doctors and medicine practitioners have garnered a lot of attention too, but they still haven’t made it to top five.

Valentine's Day chocolate tradition was started by Cadbury

Know how corporates and retailers have sabotaged Holidays and introduced consumerist traditions; resulting in purely materialistic customs? Well, it’s true for Valentine's Day too. But this time around, the de rigueur tradition is actually sweet, both literally and metaphorically. Boy giving the girl chocolates for Valentine's Day is a Cadbury construct, not that we mind it, but chocolates have almost become synonymous with V-Day like the De Beers campaign of proposing with a diamond ring.

Letters to Juliet

How can one talk of the day of romance and not touch on the iconic play Romeo and Juliet. People from all across the world send letters to Juliet on Valentine’s Day. These letters are officially addressed to Juliet in Verona, Italy, the hometown of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


Signing off as XOXO for ‘hugs and kisses’ has become so common that no one really knows where did it originate. There are several theories though.
During the middle ages literacy was not exactly a commonplace. People would sign important documents as “X”, which was easy and also resembled the Christian cross, and kiss it to show their sincerity towards all that was in the document (the same way they kissed the Holy Bible). Since then “X” is believed to be the sign for kiss. Regarding “O”, the theory is a little more obscure. Similar to illiterate Christians, illiterate Jews signed their names with “O” when they entered America. Why they chose “O” still remains a matter of speculation.
Another theory suggests that the symbol “X” represents two mouths kissing, and “O” looks like an embrace.

Some also believe, these symbols are relatively modern, started with telegraphic messaging as the shortcuts for ‘hugs and kisses’. If this were true though, there would have been some proof of when and who started it.

Whatever be the origin, ‘XOXO’ is as popular as it gets and has become the global representation of ‘hugs and kisses’.

Red Roses

Thankfully V-Day’s red roses do not owe their origin to a commercialized device, this one actually dates back to ancient Rome, where in red roses were believed to be the most treasured flowers of Venus – the Goddess of love.

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