April 10, 2017

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Spending Good Friday With Your Kids

In today’s fast paced lives, we are so busy striving to live and be happy that we often get lost in celebrations forget the spirit of happiness.

Our kids await Easter with great excitement, the Easter bunnies, egg hunt, Easter goodies and all the happy things associated with Easter. But not many of us take the effort to tell our children the story of Easter, the story of passion and sacrifice, the story of Good Friday.

Good Friday, the Friday before Easer Sunday, is marked as the day Jesus was crucified. Jesus took the punishment for all our sins and made the ultimate sacrifice made by the Son of God for humankind. The day is observed in dejection but not necessarily mourning. Although, different families follow different things; some observe a fast, some abstain from using modern day entertainment staying away from their phones, computer, TV etc., some watch spiritual movies and listen to spiritual hymns etc.

If you have not been following any of the above but still want your children to learn the spirit of Good Friday, here are a few activities that will help you teach your child about the significance and symbolism of Good Friday.

  • Serve hot cross buns for breakfast. You can tell your children about the priest who started the tradition by serving hot cross buns to the poor and hungry every Good Friday.
  • Ask your kids to do a good deed or a sacrifice that benefits someone in need. This is one of the finest ways to observe a day that marks penance God paid for man’s sins.
  • Make kids sing Easter hymns together.
  • Organize a Good Friday camp where all kids from the neighborhood come together, listen to the Story of Passion.
  • Get kids to make ‘thank you’ cards for Jesus.
  • Tell kids the significance of sacrifice, and ask them to choose what they would abstain from.


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