April 24, 2017

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Thoughtful Things You Can Do on Mother’s Day

Thinking of wishing your mom in a very special way this Mother’s Day? Here are a few ideas you can draw your inspiration from:

  • Breakfast in bed with roses and a ‘love you mommy’ card or hand written letter.

  • No cooking day for your mom where in either you cook or order her favorite food.

  • Surprise get-together of your mom’s (preferably childhood) friends.

  • Queen of our hearts and the house’ crown. You do the household chores for the day.

  • Make her a cape and eye mask with a card that says, “You are my real life super hero”.

  • Create a mommy carol and sing it with your siblings or neighborhood friends to wake your mommy up.

  • Create a really big scroll with mommy love messages and have it delivered to her workplace.

  • Create a photo collage of her childhood pictures.

  • Make a memories box that has small chits of your childhood memories with your mother written on it.

  • Make a large heart of post-its on mom’s mirror, each post-it with a unique reason why you love her written on it.

  • Write her name on a big stone…. Mom you are our rock!

  • Create a video wishing your mom a happy Mother’s Day and post it on her Facebook (or ask someone elder to do it).



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