August 19, 2019

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Treat Yourself A Spa Night

If you’ve been sweating it out in life, the least you deserve is warm thought coupled with some self-pampering. Refresh your mind, body and soul with a refreshing spa night just for you. Here’s how you can go about it.

To begin with, set stage. Tidy your bathroom. Put on some soothing music. Light scented candles or use an essential oil diffuser.

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Pick a robe you love the feel of along with some fresh towels.


Prepare a jar of icy cold detox water infused with mint and lemon wedges.


Start with a hair mask. If you know the kind of hair mask that will suit your hair, great, else here’s a little help.

If your hair has undergone chemical treatments of any kind (color, highlights, smoothening, straightening or something else), or is damaged (due to pollution, chemicals etc.), get a hair repair mask.

If your hair is dull or damaged, you’ll need a extra-nourishing, deep-conditioning hair masque.

If you need volume, here’s a great hair masque:

Apply a sheet mask on your face.

Take some warm water in a tub. Put some sea salt and a dash of body wash. Add some flowers for a magical feel. Soak your feet. Sit back and relax. Keep cucumber slices on your eyes for a soothing effect on your eyes as well.

After the sheet mask dries up, remove the sheet. Gently pat your face with a fresh towel. You can apply another face mask while you do your nails. 

When you are done with your nails, gently splash water on your face to remove the mask. Fill your bath tub with warm water, add bath fizzy of your choice, soak yourself and relax.

Shower in plain water to wash off excess oils. Apply moisturizer. And take get to the bed for a beautiful nap.



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