August 13, 2019

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Purse Essentials Every Working Woman Must Have

For some women their purse is as good as a wallet. They just carry their bare essentials, their wallet, key and maybe a small pack of tissues, and they are good to go. But not all women can go this light. Most are comfortable only with big bags, and have an obsession to carry their life around. If you are the kind, here’s a little help getting your BIG BAG organized; a few things we asked working women, frequent travelers, socialites, celebs and random women on the internet. Here’s the mega list of stuff that should ideally go in your bag.

Makeup Kit

Even if you are the bare-basics-bag types, a few basics are a must. Carry a lip color, liner, compact and possibly eye-pallete. You’ll be ready for anywhere in an instance. What if there’s a party after work, what if you are asked to go for a client meet you weren’t aware of, what if you are meeting someone directly after work, there can be numerous instances where a little make-up won’t hurt.


Basic Jewelry

Again, a small box with tiny bits of basic jewelry won’t hurt, but it can come in real handy in times of need. Choose classic or informal as per your style, liking, occasions etc. But keeping one classic and one slightly fashionable pair of earrings would be a good idea.|49.99%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D20441%26ruleId%3D105%7CBOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26kws%3Djewelry%26searchPass%3DexactMultiMatch%26slotId%3D4

Basic Jewelry

Hairbrush, a comb, some bobby pins and a hair tie. Just the very basic stuff.

Scribble Pad & Pen/Pencil

Like there can be a make-up emergency, there can be a writing emergency. A phone number, some thoughts that need to be jotted down, some errand you remembered, some client you have to meet, so much more.

Face Tissues/Face Wipes

Although face tissues and face wipes are different, keeping just one of the two also solves the emergency purpose.


Because you never know. You may even end up helping a friend.


Hand Lotion

Even if you do not have OCD, you will end up washing your hands several times a day. A hand balm will come in handy, literally!

Travel Size Perfume

Absolute essential.

Hand Sanitizer

When you cannot practically wash your hands, but you need to. Very useful thing to carry along all the time.



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