October 21, 2019

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DIY Easy Yet Interesting Halloween Decor

Hosting a Halloween party shouldn’t cost a bomb. Here are some really cool Halloween décor ideas that you can do on your own and make your guests awestruck with the creativity and artistry.

Halloween Punches

To make the hand ice, prepare a mixture of the punch or just add color to water and put it in a latex glove to freeze. Your severed hand ice is ready. For spider ice, just add little latex spiers or other creepy crawlers to each cube in the ice tray.

Here’s another interesting Halloween drink:

Take lychees and blue berries to make perfect eye ball drinks.

Use the versatility of whipped cream to create creative drinks.


Halloween Wreaths

For wreaths, you’ll find most of the stuff either in your backyard or in the neighborhood.
This one’s with twigs and silicon snake toys.

This one’s with dry grass, twigs, dry leaves, black paper and black paint.

Here’s one with twigs, black paper and faux web or wool.

This one’s super simple.

Blood Candles

These are super easy to make, and they add a whole lot of spooky fun to Halloween décor.


Fridge Ghost

All you need is some black craft paper to turn your fridge into a ghost.


Spider Web

You can cut a trash bag to make spider web.

And cutting it is pretty simple.

You can also use trash bags to make a giant spider.

Cushion Mummy

Use a regular bandage roll to mummify your cushions.

Front Door

Here are some interesting Front door ideas.

All you need for this one is some black craft paper sheet.

This mummified door can easily be done with the toilet roll.

Yet another idea for mummified door.

This can be done with white rope and faux spiders.

And here’s craft paper magic again.




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