October 30, 2019

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Halloween Party Games

Hosting a Halloween Party? Here are some super cool games and activities that will keep your guests high on fun, especially if they are kids.

Spider web obstacle
For this activity convert a room into a giant spider web using white strings and tape. Tape the strings across the room wall-to-wall. You can also hang spiders for added drama. Your participants have to cross the room without ripping the string apart, or making the spidys fall.

Find the eyeball in the popcorn
Have tubs full of popcorn in front of the participants. Randomly hide eyeballs in the popcorn tubs. Participants have to find the eyeballs, fastest one to find the most wins. Variations to this game include restriction on using hands and finding the eyeballs with your mouth.

Mummy wrap
Divide the participants into two teams. Provide toilet rolls to each team. Both teams need to start wrapping their team members like mummies. The team that mummifies most team members in a minute, wins.

Popcorn and pumpkin bucket
Place a big pumpkin, that has been cut emptied of all the pumpkin meat, in the corner of one room. Fill a garbage bag with popcorn and place it in the other corner. Participants have to take a small cup of popcorn and run and fill it into the pumpkin. The team that manages to fill the most is the winner.

Monster freeze dance
Although, this is a Halloween classic, still works all the time. Choose some poky music to play, and have the crowd dance to the music. When the music stops the crowd needs to freeze. Anybody who makes a movement, is out. See who can stay till the last.

Spooky walk
This is a variation of the classic musical chairs. Place some monster pics on the floor. Kids have to run while the music is playing and stop when the music stops. Anyone who is not standing on a monster, goes out. The last one to stay in the game is the winner.

Ghostly whispers
Create a freaky ghost story and whisper it in the ears of a child and the child then whispers it in the ear of an adult. Let the story do rounds around the room. Ask the last participant his version of the story. It’ll be hilarious to see how the story got twisted and became an entirely new version.

Truth or scare
A variation of truth and scare. So while you are already doing trick or treat, truth or scare can be really fun to play.



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