November 25, 2019

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Here’s How to Prep Your Turkey for Thanksgiving Dinner

Time of the year! If you are hosting the Thanksgiving party, you know how important it is to get the turkey right. Here’s a detailed plan for getting it right, from thawing to managing leftovers.

The key for the perfect turkey is timing. Plan your days and hours before the dinner. Start with buying the turkey and thawing it. The bird would take about one day for four pounds of the bird. So, if your bird is twelve pounds, keep it out for thawing for three days. To thaw your turkey, either keep it in a plastic bag or have it wrapped in cling film. Keep the wrapped bird on a plate, or tray, anything that has rimmed edges so that the juices don’t flow and create a mess in your fridge. Keep it in the top shelf or somewhere it won’t be a hinderance to your other food and you won’t be taking it out to remove stuff from your fridge.

A Day Before – Wednesday

A day before thanksgiving, that is on Wednesday, take your bird out, remove the plastic wrap and pat it dry with kitchen towels. Season it well. Do not use stuffing, unless you know the exact scientific way to stuff your turkey. If you do not do the stuff right, there are chances that the stuffing absorbs bacteria from the bird and your guests can get sick. There are chances of salmonella poisoning also. But, if for the sake of tradition you have to use stuffing in the bird, cook the stuffing alongside the bird instead of inside it. After the stuffing and the bird are cooked separately, you can the stuff it in the bird.

After the seasoning is done, cover the bird with foil paper and keep it back in the fridge. Do not keep the bird out for long. As soon as the seasoning is done, keep it back in the fridge. Also, do not keep the turkey in the roasting pan when you are putting it back in the fridge. Keep the bird in the pan only before putting it in the oven.  

Thanksgiving Day
Take your turkey out of the fridge and let it sit for 15-20 mins in room temperature before you put it in the oven. Depending on what your recipe is, your turkey should take anywhere between 4-5 hours including carving time. So take the bird out of the fridge accordingly.

Be very careful with roasting the turkey. Follow the recipe very closely. There is a definitive temperature and less than that or a little more can be dangerous. Be sure your recipe mentions temperature and duration explicitly. Once out of the oven, carve your turkey. Check what your recipe mentions about the leftovers. For different recipes, carving and leftover requirements can be different. There’s a danger zone for cooked meat as well. make sure the recipe covers those points as well.

Keep the leftover bird in the fridge. Leftover turkey is mostly good for three days if refrigerated in time. If you plan to use the leftovers for longer, you can pack the meat properly and freeze it. it can stay frozen for over a month.

Have a great Thanksgiving!



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