November 15, 2019

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Hosting A Thanksgiving Dinner On a Budget

Hosting dinners is no joke. A lot of planning, cooking, decorating and gifts goes into it. Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is a whole different ball game altogether. The level of planning, purchasing, execution and expenses is way higher. If you are planning to host a Thanksgiving dinner, and it is giving you the chills, here’s a little help, tips to help you make it easy and on a budget, yet not lose the charm of a Thanksgiving dinner.

1.    Turkey
Buy your turkey beforehand. Buy a frozen turkey and thaw it in the refrigerator. For every five pounds of the turkey, it will need 24 hours of thawing (in the fridge). So, if you have a 14-pound turkey, it will need 3 days of thawing. You can get plenty of recipes on the internet. Choose a recipe that is simple and uses least ingredients.

2.    Mashed Potatoes
Potatoes are cheaper by the bag. Split with a friend if you have to. Use sour cream in your mashed potatoes alongside butter and milk. Your mashed potatoes will taste exceptional.

3.    Casserole
There can be so many variations on the traditional casserole which would cost less but taste awesome. Here are ten different casserole options you can choose from ( ).

4.    Stuffing
Try one of these fun recipes for stuffing. You can choose the one that has ingredients you already have in your pantry, or some leftover ingredient from one of your dishes ( ).

5.    Side
Try a side dish like honey glazed carrots. It’s super easy and looks great too, plus it’s super reasonable. Click for the recipe ( )

6.    Dessert
For cranberry sauce, you can choose to buy it readymade. It’s available easily and is on sale. If you still wish to do the dessert, here are a few super simple recipes -

7.    Drinks
Instead of offering many options, it would be a lot more reasonable to serve one cocktail and one mocktail for the kids. Buying in bulk for a single type of alcoholic and one non-alcoholic beverage would cost way less than serving a full bar.

8.    Centerpiece
Here are some stunning ideas for inexpensive centerpieces. For amazingly reasonable Thanksgiving d├ęcor click here ( ). Use coupons to get added discounts -



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