March 04, 2020

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Stay Safe – Wearable Smart Safety Devices

Imagine you are walking home alone at 3 a.m. Suddenly you see some one walking towards you.
You can’t quite make out who it is, but you don’t have a good feeling about this.
You look around, but there’s no one. You have your cell phone in your hand. You quickly make a call for help but by the time you are able to get through the call, it’s too late…
Ideally one call from your smartphone, and the emergency responder should be able to pinpoint your location. But unfortunately, that’s not how this works. Federal laws requiring cellular service providers to give out accurate location data that easily are still not there. In the meantime, the lag time is costing lives.
When you’re scared, or facing danger, the chances of being able to clearly state your location information is difficult. Another problem being, that there may not be enough time.
There is a presumption that emergency call centers are now advanced enough to track our location from our smartphones. When they’re not. Okay, in some cases they are, but the rate of accuracy is not very high. And when faced with a life or death situation, you wouldn’t want to take a chance, would you? So, what do you do?

There is a whole range of wearable safety devices that offer a promising solution to this. The fact that these devices are handy, camouflaged in jewelry or can hidden easily and are just a button away from sending GPS enabled distressed call, makes these devices very useful and a must-have.
Multifunction Smart Necklace
This multifunction necklace is app enabled and helps with so many features like flashing when there’s a text or call on your smart phone, reminding if you step out of the periphery without your smart phone, but the most useful of all, it can send a distress call with your exact location in time of need. All you need to do to send the distress call is continuously tap the necklace till you get long vibrations. Long vibrations mean your location based distress text has been sent to pre-programmed numbers on the app.
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Multi Positioning Smart Necklace For Kids
This necklace is ideal for kids. It uses a sim card, has a distress call button, two-way speaker system, geofencing, history tracker and a whole lot other features. This device is also used on luggage while travelling. Keep it in your bag and you’ll be able to find your bag easily in case it’s lost or stolen.
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Self-defence Keychain
While you send out that distress call, there should be some weapon that you can use to defend yourself. This key chain is a great self-defence weapon made of solid aviation aluminium. Keep it handy, preferably hanging with the handle of your bag.
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SOS Cellular Device
This waterproof cellular device is perfect for a help call. Just pressing one button gets your call to 911. There is no monthly fee or maintenance. Can be hung with the handle or zipper of your bag.
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Small Tracker
This tracker is so small that it can easily go in your bag, be worn as a jewellery, put around pets with their tags, stuck under the car since it has magnet and be easily used anywhere. A sim card is included that gives full world-wide coverage. Comes with a life-time warrantee.
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Smart Insoles
Perfect for toddlers, this Bluetooth enabled insole connects with you on your phone via app. As soon as the child goes out of the perimeter (30 M), the smart insole will send a notification on your app.
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