April 14, 2020

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8 Ways You Can Liven Up Your Mood In Social Distancing

It’s been 2-3 weeks of social distancing, and a hell lot of adjustment. These are stressful times, and it’s important to do all we can to keep ourselves relaxed and positive. If you’ve tried almost everything, and are out of your wit on what to do next to get over gloominess, here are a few things you could try.


Scented candles can be instant mood boosters. Take it a step forward. Draw yourself a nice, warm bath. Light the candles. Put on some nice soothing music, and let yourself loose. Come on, you have to admit, you always wanted to do it but never had the time. This is the time. Let the subtle, fascinating scents soothe you.

Spa Day

Skin care, you can never have enough of that. You can find some homemade face mask recipes here ( http://blog.geoqpons.com/2020/04/its-facetime_7.html ). Go on. Pamper yourself.

Doodle A Wall

If art’s your thing, start doodling a wall. The best part is you can get back to it whenever you have the time or feel like it. Doodling can be very satisfying. Try it.

Create Your Playlists

Bet you’ve never had this much luxury of time, but now that you have it, you might as well create your playlists on Spotify or whatever music app you use. Do different playlists for different moods.

Workout With Your Friends 

While workout is a good idea, social workout is even great. Make a group, fixup a time and get on your Facetime. Happy hormones released by exercise become happier with friends!


A journal is a great way of investing your energy creatively. Plus you get to keep the memories for a lifetime.

Pick Up Reading 

Thanks to Kindle and e-books, you can read up and not be dependent on a physical book. If you love reading, this time is a gift and if you aren’t a great fan, then too there’ll always be this one book you’d want to read. Find that one book.


Not in a weird, creepy way but in a good happy way. Bring internet to your rescue – watch funny pet videos, read sarcastic one-liners or maybe have a video conference with your best buddies. There’s nothing that’ll lift your spirits up than a good laugh.


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  1. I liked the ideas for working with friends. Gladly I have many friends who helped me during this crazy period we all been through. Somehow I managed to learn some basic guitar tunes even though hands are large for guitar. Thanks anyways! Ciao!