January 04, 2021

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Secret to Beautiful Long Hair

Dream of soft, long, flowing tresses? Dream no more, the secret’s out.

Well, actually more than a secret, it’s a formula, a formula of simple things put-together. These are the very same simple things that either we’ve read/seen somewhere, or are told by our grandmothers, or simply know because they are mostly common knowledge. But these simple things put together make this killer formula for beautiful, long hair.


1.     Do not over-wash

With shampoos, conditioners and other hair-care products insisting that they are the shortcut to covetable locks, you need to understand they are not. A good shampoo matters, but not beyond a certain point. Washing your hair just once or twice a week is good, beyond that you are just stripping your hair of its natural oils. Over-washing makes your hair dry which can in turn make them brittle.


2.    Avoid over-heating

Using too much of heat during styling your hair, be it blower, iron or curlers, can be fatal for your hair. Again, over heating will make your hair dry and brittle. When you are looking for that long flowing mane, you must not expose your hair to heat. If you must, use low heat setting on your styling tools.


3.    Don’t tie your hair too tight

Don’t copy Ariana Grande’s style if you want hair like her. How did she get it then? Well, that’s a topic for some other blog. Ponytail, braid, bun or any other style, tying your hair too tight is definitely going to result in hair breakage, which will only get worse as hair grows. Tie your hair loose. And use bands or scrunchies, instead of rubber bands or cheap ties.


4.    Take longer breaks between trims

While trimming dead-ends and split-ends makes your hair grow faster, too much of trimming can also chop-off all the growth. If your regular visits to the salon were once every month, you might want to make it once every two months or longer.


5.    Hydrate your hair

The best way to nourish your hair is by applying oil. If you are not comfortable going out with oil in your hair, apply oil the night before hair wash, or one hour before hair wash. Applying warm oil is good for your hair. Gently message your scalp after having applied oil. Oils do more than just hydration. If your hair feels rally dry, try the Aveda Dry Remedy Oil. You can also use this oil as leave-in conditioner, and it will gently hydrate your hair. Then there’s stress relieving oil  which can be used as a body and scalp oil. If your hair is oily, you can skip the oil part. But make sure you apply conditioner and hair masks according to your hair type.


6.    Go easy with the chemicals

Chemicals like hair color, bleach, hair straighteners etc. might have beautiful instant effects but can damage hair in the long run.

It’s important to understand that healthy hair is beautiful hair. And right nourishment for your hair is more important than you may know.




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