January 07, 2021

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Bleaching Laundry

Using bleach on laundry can be tricky. Should it be used only on whites, or even colored clothes can be bleached? Should you dilute it before adding into your washer? And a whole load of questions that can confuse even a laundry wizard.


If these questions bother you too, here’s information and tips that will equip you with thorough knowledge good to make you laundry ninja.


Some basic rules:


1.    Bleach  should be diluted. However, water and bleach proportion may vary from brand to brand. Read the instruction before you dilute it.

2.    Most washers have a bleach  box where you can add bleach which will be automatically added to the laundry. In this case, just add the bleach without diluting since the washer will take care of dilution. But if there’s no separate bleach compartment in your washer, dilute bleach as per instructions and add to the lot in the washer.

3.    If you are adding bleach  to the washer, put detergent first, then add diluted bleach and then the clothes.

4.    Bleach  works best with heat. Dilute it with warm water for best results. Before using bleach on your clothes, read wash instructions on the label on clothes. Some clothes require to be washed in cold water. In that case, use bleach in cold water only.

5.    If you are washing clothes with hand, while using bleach wear rubber gloves.

6.    Make sure the clothes are thoroughly rinsed and bleach is completely washed before you put clothes to dry.

7.    If you are not sure if you can use bleach  on a particular cloth or not, test it. Take some bleach and water solution in a small cup, dab a small part of the cloth that can be taken care of in case something goes wrong. See for discoloration, tear, fabric soiling, or any adverse effect. If nothing has changed, you’re good to go. Do a bleach-test on all colored clothes before you put them in bleach.

8.    Do not use bleach  on clothes made of silk, leather, spandex, wool, pashmina, cashmere or mohair.


What all can you bleach?


·         Whites tees. All of them unless the washing instructions on the label of the cloth forbid bleach, or if your white tee has color print or colored embroidery, do a bleach-test on the print or embroidered area before you actually put the tee in bleach. Colored thread can lose its color or worse, color may bleed into the white.

·         White linen sheets, unless the label says otherwise. Do not add undiluted bleach to the sheets, linen can get damaged. Wash in warm setting for best results.

·         Colored clothes, after you’ve done a bleach test.

·         White cotton napkins, unless the label says otherwise.


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