April 28, 2021

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Creative Bridal Shower Ideas That Don’t Cost A Fortune

She said ‘yes’ and now you are the maid of honor. As happy as you are for her, you have a lot of responsibility on you. But don’t fret, not just yet. This post will help you plan your Instagram worthy bridal shower on a budget without cutting on the fun. You’ll find ideas, inspiration, links to buying essentials, accessories and coupon-codes to help you save too.

Here are the things you’ll have think about.

·         Budget – You always start with the budget. Write down the amount of money you are going to spend on the party. How much ever crude and unromantic it may sound to you, but you always start your planning with budget. Write down the final amount you are going to spend.

·         Planning – Once you’ve worked your budget, make a list of things you need to plan for:


o   Guests – Now that you know how much money you have for the party, you can make your guest list. While you are at it, also plan the guest invites, party favors etc. Send e-invites; save on printing, posting and the costs.

o   Venue – If you are going for a party on a budget, the best option is doing it at home. If it’s spring time, host it outside in a garden. If it’s winters or rainy, choose an indoor location appropriate for the number of invitees. Think of a room, garden, outhouse, backyard or even garage that can be transformed.

o   Decorations – Think of DIY décor ideas. Get your creative juices flowing.

o   Food – Depending on how much money do you have; do you want to take care of food yourself or get catering done? You can also think of having cakes, muffins and some snacks. For beverages you might want to serve a cocktail as drink options can get very pricey. Think of something that goes with the theme or color palette.

o   Fun – Games and fun activities to make the memory for life.


·         Execution – A bridal shower can be a lot of work. Rope in a friend or two, divide tasks and suddenly the work won’t be overwhelming.

Ideas For Inspiration


            DIY Floral Initial


Take a big piece of cardboard and cutout the initial of the bride-to-be’s name. Decorate it with flowers andembellishments.


Fresh Flowers

Use fresh flowers to decorate everything – from the food table to photo backdrop. Do not go for flower arrangements. They will cost a lot. Instead pick up loose fresh flowers and place then randomly, or make centerpieces.


Balloons make for wonderful décor, and don’t cost much too. Think of interesting ways to create a grand entrance or a photo backdrop. You can get bridal shower balloons, metallic pink confetti balloons

Garlands, more décor and accessories


Bride-to-be Sash


Team Bride Sashes



Blush & Rose Gold Bachelorette Party Decorating Kit


Pastel Balloon Garland Kit


Selfie Props





Fluffy Garland Backdrop Kit




Pennant Flags


Visit Party City  for beautiful bridal shower supplies. You will be overwhelmed with the variety of supplies there. From decorations to accessories to favors, you’ll find everything you need for the party. A lot of things are customizable too, and at a very reasonable cost. Check it out. And yes, don’t forget to use coupons for savings.





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