January 25, 2017

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20 Sizzling Romantic Gift Ideas

  • Personalized printed T-Shirt. For instance, Bruce Almighty is one of the movies he loves, so I got a tee made that said “Bruce Almighty”, “Evan Almighty” in small fonts and “Nick Almighty” (my husband’s name) in really big fonts. He loved it.

  • A romantic-messages wreath 

  • Personalized fridge stickers

  • DIY travel map with places you or trip you want to go to 

  • Photo collage (cliché, but works all the time)

  • Love countdown with messages or things to do on every count

  • Personalized love book like 100-reasons-why-I-love-you book

  • His or her favorite food, home cooked and served in a candle light setting (again cliché, and again, works all the time)

  • Handmade key chain with heart engraved on it

  • Letter for the entire year to open on special days

  • Personalized novel with your very own love story

  • Gift basket of things he/she liked as a child

  • Really sassy gift basket 

  • A day picnic with picnic basket and all

  • “You make me happy” balloons hanging from the roof of the house

  • Send a thoughtful gift to her folks thanking them for “creating the perfect peg in the puzzle of life for you.”

  • If you are good at painting, paint a sentimental heart art and hang it on the wall of your room

  • Create a book of love quotes dedicated to him

  • Create a ‘bedroom menu’ and ask him to order a hearty meal

  • Gift him a little vacation with his friends, all-boys-trip of sorts. He will love you forever for this.


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