January 26, 2017

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Happily Single!



Really. Read on.

For starters, I don’t understand the taboo around being single, especially on Valentine’s Day. Being single is great. No, this is not pep talk, it’s actually awesome that you’re not spending the afternoon cutting red hearts or doing some whacky gig just to pep up your ego for social show-off.

Here’s what you can do this V Day to celebrate your single hood and make your chocked-in-a-relationship friends jealous.

  • Indulge yourself

    • Leave from work early and take a stroll in the park. Sit and observe people around you. 
    • Treat yourself to a different experience, something you’ve never done before.
    • Spend the day at spa relaxing your mind and pampering your body.
    • Since you should love yourself before you love anyone else, pamper yourself with a luxurious gift.
  • Indulge others

    • Go to a children’s hospital and spend the day spreading cheer
    • Give your extra stuff to a homeless person or to someone who you know is in need.
    • Visit your parents and spend valentines with them or least skype them.
  • Get philanthropic 

    • Utilize all the money you save from not celebrating valentine’s day buying gift to buy something for someone in need or give it to a charity
    • Donate money to your church since they spread the love and joy
    • Have a blast with your girlfriends
  • Throw a party 

    • Have a secret ‘boyfriend bonfire’ in which you burn all your ex-boyfriend’s stuff
    • Go to a karaoke bar
    • Go shopping
    • Of course you have the money to spare; you did save by not buying a gift for your boyfriend

You are not a sheep, and definitely not in the herd. So don’t end up doing what everyone else is doing. Create your own valentine’s day. Love yourself.



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