January 09, 2017

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New Year Resolutions of a Shopaholic

The party’s over. Holidays gone, friends and family back in their busy lives and it’s time we start our lives too. As I look at my Holiday flab I realize it’s time for some resolutions, that’s how we start our new year anyways.

To be honest I’m a shopaholic and that is the first thing on my new year resolution list. I took cues from my instincts, some of my friends and of course the internet, and came up with this list. Hope it helps you too.

  • I will create a shopping list and at the end of every month reorganize my list in the order of priority. That way I’ll know which item needs to be purchased and does the budget for the month allow for certain purchases.

  • I will look for coupons and deals for every item that I wish to purchase from grocery to fashion and everything in between.

  • I will always stick to the budget, no matter what.

  • I will stick to the list and not get tempted by new collections, clearance sales and designer labels for something I do not want.

  • I will buy new things only, and only when I dispose off something old to avoid clutter.

  • Only if I save enough will I give myself the liberty to buy something I absolutely love.

  • I will plan and shop for birthdays, anniversaries, gifts, Holidays well in advance and buy good things at great deals than just settle for something I can manage to get in the eleventh hour.

  • I will not put off the necessity for something I fancy.

Is there something I missed out? Please help me out then, leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thank you already. Wishing you a very happy new year.


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