January 28, 2020

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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Cute and Thoughtful Gifts

Still haven’t found the perfect gift? Well, if you are not looking for something over the top, here are some gifts that are thoughtful and cute. Hope you find your inspiration here.

Cute Scented Candles

 If you are new in your relationship and do not want to overwhelm her, or you know her type who’d prefer a cute gift over an expensive one (that type’s rare though, if you have her, she’s a keepsake), or you want to buy a valentine day gift but not necessarily romantic, scented candles are a great idea. Just put a lot of research and thought into what you are picking up, because the aesthetics are as important as the flavor. 

Here are some places you can find great scented candles:

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Bucket List Cards

What’s sweeter than planning on getting old together? Planning your bucket list together! You can create bucket lust cards yourself, create a bucket list journal, or simply print the cards from ready-printable cards site.  Here’s some help to get you started:

Connected Bracelets

If your partner travels a lot, here’s the perfect gift. These long-distance touch bracelets are connected like hearts, only smarter. When your partner would touch their bracelet, your bracelet would light up letting you know of the touch, even if you are continents apart. Aww!

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Couple Truth or Dare

Not just for the Valentine night date, but for a lot of date nights thereon. Choose a predesigned game, predesigned printables or even better, do it yourself. Get creative and come up with your own list of really kinky, romantic questions or the kind of questions that help take your relation to the next level.  

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Tea Drop

This is pure love for tea lovers. Perfect for a romantic surprise with bed tea. The aromatic organic teas are as healthy as they are tasty. The sampler box contains a variety of flavors to choose from.

Get your tea here -  

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Mason Jar Flower Garden

Instead of buying flowers this Valentine's Day, buy her a garden, literally! The beautiful and classy mason jars can make any plant look exclusive. Make it even more interesting by adding jute string or an artsy detail. Get as creative as you can.

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I’ll Be There Necklace

Here’s a necklace that will say your heart out. Get the beautiful poem etched on the metal with a tree design to add an artistic flair to the smart looking necklace. You could check it out on these sites:



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