February 05, 2020

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Single on Valentine's Day? Here are 15 Interesting Ways To Spend Your Day

Does the whole hype and hoopla around Valentine's Day make you nauseous? Do you hate the stigma around being single, especially on Valentine's Day? Do you wish to spend this rather commercialized holiday in a meaningful way? Here are fifteen great ideas to help you make your day both relevant and worthwhile.

Pet Day
Do you have a pet? If yes, this can be your day to show your pet how much you love them. Spend time with them. Take them out for a day picnic, play frisbee, trek, run, go camping, really there’s so much you can do. Spend the day with your pet, you’ll love as much as they do, if not more.

A Day With Your Parents
If Valentine's Day is about love, this is one love that is so due. Go see your parents, spend the day with them, take them out for a nice dinner, or watch some TV with them just like you did when you were small. Just spend some quality time with them, you won’t regret it.

Go Shopping
Just take an estimate of how much money you saved by not being in a relationship, that’s your bonus. Go splurge on yourself. Check where do they have the best discounts, dig coupons and spend the whole day shopping. Spoil yourself!

Spend the Day at a Charity
Visit a retirement home or children’s hospital. Spend some time with people who are craving company more than anything.

Pamper Yourself With a Spa Day
Again, kudos on having saved that money. Spend all of it on yourself. Pamper yourself at a spa, get massage, facial and a whole lot of services. Or, get spa supplies at home and turn your home into a spa for the day.

Bake Treats
If you are fond of baking, this is what you should do. If you’ve never tried your hand at it, this is definitely what you should do. Baking is satisfying and who knows, you might just get yourself a hobby.

Movie Marathon
Don’t try to pretend to be happy about being single, when really you are sad. Just go with the flow. Get feel-good food, line up lift-me-up movies and there you are.

Sweat It In The Gym
How many times do you feel you don’t get enough time in gym. Well, this is it. You have the day to yourself, might as well use it. A good workout will also help release happy-hormones.

Might as well earn some money. There are a whole lot of people who would be ready to pay premium for a baby sitter for 14th night.

Become a Tourist
How many times have you been to the most popular tourist attractions in your town? Dawn you vacation clothes, pick up a funny accent and go explore.

Go on a Blind Date
Not a bad idea, right? It’s a great day for two singles to come together, who knows you might just find the one.

Sick of Valentine's Day updates on social media. Keep your phone and laptop away. Don’t take any calls. Go in nature, or watch TV. Unplug and unwind.

Get a Makeover
Color your hair. Get a haircut. Make some change. Get a makeover done.

Spend The Day With Nature
Go trekking or biking. Spend the day in the park just looking around. Go to the beach, close your eyes and let the ocean talk to you. Nature can be so satisfying, you’ll love it.

Sleep In
So many times we wish we could just sleep the entire day. Well, this can be the day. Keep food close to your bed. Just eat and sleep. It’ll be awesome.


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