February 22, 2020

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French Beauty Secret

Ever wondered what is the secret of exquisite French beauty? Yves Rocher. It’s French, it’s all natural and it’s awesome. Here’s how you can choose the perfect product for your specific skin type.

           Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin needs more care since any outside extremity, be it heat, cold wave or pollution, can add to the irritability of the skin. Yves Rocher have the perfect answer to this. Their sensitive skin care products include Sigesbeckia leaf extract with dermo-soothing properties, acts like a botanical poultice and soothes, strengthens and protects sensitive skin.

            Soothing Micellar Water 2 in 1 - Sensitive Skin 

Specifically designed for sensitive skin, the micellar water cleanses skin while it tones without irritating the skin.

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           Soothing Moisturizing Cream & Anti-Redness Moisturizing Cream 



While the soothing moisturizing cream will hydrate the skin, it will also clam your skin against any irritants. The anti-redness moisturizing cream eases irritability and redness on your skin. It also prevents further chances of redness.

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Sensitive Eye Cream


People with sensitive skin are especially concerned about their eyes. The eye contour has very delicate skin that can get easily irritable. This gel-textured eye cream gently soothes the delicate skin tenderly providing it the hydration it needs.

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Cleansing Cream – Sensitive Skin

Free of sulfate, this cleansing cream does not hurt or bother sensitive skin even while removing makeup, which can be otherwise a little too harsh on the skin. The cream gently cleans and comforts the skin, both at once.

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          Normal Skin

The tricky part with normal skin is – keeping it normal. Skin care products made for normal skin have to have the right balance of moisture and matiness. They have to be just the right combination of hydration, gentleness and care, any more or any less of it won’t do. At that, Yves Rocher got their formula just right.

Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Milk & Micellar Water





Do not stick to a cleanser type because you do not have options. Choose what suits your skin the best. All of these cleansers are created to perfect suit normal skin.

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Anti-Fatigue Fresh Moisturizing Gel

This anti-fatigue gels acts on the delicate skin arounds the eyes and refreshes and moisturizes it, just the right measure. Continued usage also reduces dark circles.

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Moisturizing Serum 

Replenish your skin with a perfectly balanced moisturizing serum. Feel the softness all day long.

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Exfoliating Gel 


Gently massage your face with bamboo micro-grains of the radiance exfoliating gel to rid your skin of dead skin and bring out that soft, glowing, fresh skin.

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           Dry Skin

Dry skin needs nourishing moisture and deep pore hydration to keep it healthy and beautiful. Dryness is not just a skin type, but also a skin condition that can cause wrinkles. Yves Rocher’s dry skin range is created to bring deep care that dry skin needs.

Anti-aging Day Cream
Give your skin the nourishment and the nutrition to be able to regenerate it. Get perfectly hydrated skin that looks pampered.

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Botanical Oil


See those wrinkles and fine lines vanishing away with this replenishing skin oil. The oil seeps in deep in your skin replenishing layers of your skin.

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Anti-Aging Night Cream

As you sleep and your skin rests too, the replenishing cream provides your skin with deep nourishment for a beautiful, glowing skin every morning.

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