February 11, 2020

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Last Minute Easy DIY Valentine’s Gifts

Have been crazy busy? Genuinely forgot (and somehow managed to miss the marketing promo too)? Or want to do something different this time?

Quick-Fix Valentine's Day Breakfast 

You don’t have to be a pro to make an adorable Valentine's Day breakfast that melts your partner’s heart. The internet is flooded with tools to make your task easy. Just get semi-processed or ready mixes of pancake, muffins etc., use these cutters and molds, and you are through.













Lunch Box Note

Imagine opening your lunch box and getting a cute message inside? It sure will bring a smile on. 

Love Notes

You can make little love notes and stick them on the wall or on the fridge. Buy your heart-shaped sticky notes here.



Pinterest Board

Create a Pinterest board and gather pins of all the things your sweetheart likes or things you want to do together. Share the link on her social media.

You Tube Video

Here’s a great You Tube video idea. List down the things you want to tell your partner, like good things about them, the reasons you love them, things you want to do with them in future or maybe just cute romantic messages. Go to a public place and have total strangers say each of those things. Combine the clips and create the video. A good song for the background music and you are done.

Valentine’s Poster

Select a love quote, either from quotes on the internet or from a love poem or from the lyrics of a song. If you are good with calligraphy paint it on a poster size paper or design it on the computer, have it framed.

Get a good quality poster printed here: https://www.psprint.com/

Get Valentine’s Special discount coupon - http://www.geoqpons.com/PsPrint-coupon-codes

A Day Off from Parenting

Arrange to send your kids to the grandparent’s or family or friends where you and your partner are sure kids are well taken care of and you don’t have t worry about them. Take the day off from house work, laundry, cleaning and kitchen. Just spend a great day relaxing and spending quality time together.


Repeat Your Wedding Vows

Write them, record them or find some other creative ways to do repeat your wedding vows. If you haven’t tied the knot yet, this can be a great opportunity to write them.



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