August 21, 2020

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Laundry Hacks That Are Actually Helpful

As much as you’d hate to do it, you still can’t escape doing laundry. Either you do it yourself, or pay a hefty amount at the cleaners to get it done, laundry remains to be a time and money consuming activity. Did we mention one of the least preferred?

Here are some really clever laundry hacks that will help save money and time. Now that’s some incentive, right?

Keep colors vibrant

Adding a teaspoon of common salt to a load full of colored clothes will ensure the colors remain bright. This is awesome for cottons that usually look faded just after 3-4 washes.

Unshrink your clothes

Yes, you heard that right, unshrinking is possible. If the dryer has shrunken your clothes, dip then in a diluted solution of baby shampoo or conditioner. There’s no magical proportion that works, just an approximate ratio of 2-3 teaspoons of baby shampoo/conditioner to a half a bucket of water. Let the clothes sit in for 15-20 mins, rinse and gently wring out excess water. With a light hand, start stretching the cloth from where it’s shrunk, say lengthwise or breadthwise or both sides. Once it’s stretched back to its original size, put it on the string for air drying. If the cloth still looks smaller, repeat the process.

Speed up the drying process

Drying usually takes more time than the complete wash cycle. If you are in a hurry and want the drying to be done sooner, add one or two dry towels to the clothes in the dryer. Your clothes will dry faster.

Make the whites whiter

Separate whites from colored clothes. Soak white clothes in hot water with your usual quantity of detergent and half a teaspoon of citric acid crystals. Stir up after you add clothes to makes sure the clothes are evenly soaked. Let the clothes be soaked for 20-30 mins, add the clothes and the water to the washer and put on the normal wash cycle. Your whites will be whiter and brighter.

Remove oil stains

Summers, barbeques and oil stains, we’ve all been there. On a freshly stained cloth, put baby powder on the stain. Let that sit overnight. Next day just wash as usual. In all probability the stain will be gone. If it’s still there after the wash, sprinkle baby powder again and repeat the process.

Remove wrinkles

Take 2 cups of water and add 2 table spoons of fabric softener. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle. Take your wrinkled cloth and put it on a hanger. Spray the mixture. Straighten out the fabric with hand. The wrinkles will be gone.

For regular laundry and normal wash cycles, we recommend you take the help of products that help you save time. For instance, something as simple as detergent tabs. They are a quick and easy measure for adding detergent to the clothes. here are some more products that make your life simpler by helping ease the work of laundry.

1.    Anti-vibration pads – Pads that go beneath your washer and dryer and control the vibration just in case the load is unevenly distributed.

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2.    Organic dryer balls to speed up the drying process and ensure even drying.

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3.    Wash bags to ensure your intimates and delicates clothes are washed with gentle care, they don’t get tangled up and the hooks don’t get struck in other clothes or side walls of the washer or dryer.



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