August 14, 2020

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This Robo Vacuum Will Leave You Speechless

The intelligent Neato Botvac is built on patented Neato Technology which has laser navigation system that maps the room, plans its cleaning periphery and does the cleaning in an efficient orderly manner instead of just bumping around. The robo vacuum is especially designed for clearing pet hair. With potent suction and precision brushes that are specially designed cover the edges the floor stays ultra clean. The brushes are swappable, which keeps the cleaning as good as new.  

What’s more? The super smart vacuum cleaner has auto-charge which means it will charge itself and once it’s charged it will resume cleaning from where it left. Has two different modes programmed for different levels of cleaning – eco mode and turbo mode. Eco mode is the power saving mode utilizes lesser battery power to give longer and quieter cleaning whereas the turbo mode gives high power cleaning with maximum pet hair pickup.

The higher models of Neato Botvac are compatible with Alexa voice control and an app that syncs the vacuum cleaner with your smart phone which lets you control the bot from wherever you are and receive notifications on the go.

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