August 05, 2020

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Ultimate Money Saving Hacks

Everyone wants to save money, but how many of us actually end up doing it is the question. During Corona times, savings have become even more essential. Businesses have shrunken profits so most of us either live under the hanging sword of layoffs, or are already bleeding through the nose with pay-cuts.


If money-saving is on your mind, read on for the practical list of ultimate money saving hacks.


Happy savings!


1.    Saving is an attitude


Saving is not one of those things you do once every month or week, or even a habit, it’s an attitude you need to inculcate. Be vigilant of small wastages that we often overlook, like switching off extra lights, aircon, not leaving the TV on standby the whole day, etc. While these things may seem too small to make a difference, but like we said, it’s about the attitude. Once you get the small habits right, you’ll as it is be conscious of bigger expenses. A carefree attitude can be tricky for savings.


2.    Cook at home


Dining out obviously is so very costly, even take-outs everyday can be costly. A healthier and cheaper option is cooking your own food. Think of multi-grain or gluten-free bread sandwiches, with a fruit or two, or a smoothie with veggies and yogurt or grilled meat salads, there’s an ocean of recipes out there, quick recipes, inexpensive ingredients and a plethora of options. Just do the hard work of looking for the kind of food you need and make a weekly or fortnightly menu that suits your health and pocket both. You can even look at doing the prep on weekends and getting your food in super speed through the week.


3.    Stick to the budget, no matter what


Most people fall in to the trap of social spending. You want to go dining, shopping, weekend outing etc. with your friends, you feel the need to belong when clearly you can’t. It’s okay to tell your friends – I can’t afford it. If they really are your friends, they’ll stick around anyways, and if they don’t, you’d thank us for giving you this tip.


4.    Control impulsive buying


Organize your wardrobe, your linen closet and your pantry. Take stock and maintain inventory, which essentially means make a list of things you need. Designate a day during the week or month when you stock-up. Keep updating the list as and when you buy stuff or exhaust it. This should, to a large extent, solve the issue of impulse buying, at least with the pantry. For the wardrobe, keep a piggy bank. Keep adding money to it as and when you can spare. Once the piggy bank is full, buy what you needed for your wardrobe, spoil yourself. Other than that, do not waste your hard-earned money on things you do not need. Period.


5.    For big purchases – research, research, research


For a big purchase, say a car or furniture or anything else, plan ahead. Surf the internet for good deals, see if there’s something good available in used stuff, talk to your contacts, you will always get a good deal if you take enough time to look for one.


6.    Save on the gym membership


If there’s one thing that Coronavirus pandemic has taught us is, how to live our lives online. There’s a sea of apps available, exercise plans available online, and most of them are free. You just need to invest your time and patience in finding the right one for you. stick to an exercise regime online, or just do stretching and running on your own, it will save you a ton of cash.


7.    Go vegan


Veganism is not just good for the planet and environment, but its great for your health too. Various studies have concluded that a plant-based diet reduces chances of some particular type of cancers, type 2 diabetes, blood pressure levels and also lower cholesterol eventually reducing chances of strokes. There are a number of reasons that suggest you should go vegan, one of the best being you’ll save big time. Meats, cheese and other dairy items make the most costly items in your pantry/kitchen.



8.    Use coupons


Everything you buy can be bought for a better price or for a better deal. Surf the internet for coupons. Additionally, you can also download the GeoQpons app if you haven’t already, to get customized deals based on your shopping pattern. It’s perfect, you get the deal on what you want. Try it out, you’ll love us for this tip.





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