November 30, 2020

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A Big, Big Thank You

A big thank you to our 5 million+ users. We love hunting deals for you. You inspire us to get better, faster and more efficient. We work relentlessly to be your first choice, and when we do become it, we truly love it.


A big thank you to 564,514 potential users. We know you installed our app or visited our website, but unfortunately didn’t use our coupons. You inspired us to introspect deeper and improvise on our features and offerings. We now strive to become your first choice too.


A big thank you to the 17 deal hunters who literally go to the moon and back to look for the best deals and discounts for our patrons.


A big thank you to our 12 IT experts that make sure all our good intentions and aspirations for our users are executed, and we are able to cater to their needs seamlessly.


A big thank you to 214 stores who partnered with us to provide our users the best deals and discounts.


A big, big thank you indeed!




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