November 05, 2020

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Getting Ready for the Holidays 2020

Have you been longing for get-togethers? Parties? Evenings in the bar? Outings? This year has changed life the way we knew it. There’s insecurity, fear and a widespread dreary desolation. Conversely, it’s Holiday season, time of the year that begets love, warmth, cheer, celebrations and togetherness. How do we get rid of the jinx and be ready to celebrate life, Holidays?

Holidays will be different, no doubt about that. But they don’t necessarily have to be gloomy and in distress. The very spirit of Holidays means that we be thankful for life’s gifts, celebrate our love with family and friends, spread joy, give with love, receive with graciousness and stay positive. While it’s difficult to stay cheerful and enthusiastic during pandemic, but it’s not impossible. If you are not sure how to go about enjoying Holidays 2020, here’s a little help from our side, a few tips on how to go about this Holiday season.

This should inspire you to add a few interesting tips to this list. Go on, share your views in the comments, we’d love to update our list too (of course by crediting the idea to you)!



·        Avoid watching news or anything that brings negativity. Watch funny videos instead, enjoy Holiday movies, romantic comedies, interesting series on Netflix.


·        Spend less time on social media, take up photography, reading, learning a new skill or just walking around the neighborhood.


Shop local 

Lockdown has been hard on economy, especially hard on small local businesses that practically had no earning during this time. Order groceries etc. from the neighborhood store, order food from mom-and-pop style restaurants, support local charities.

Give Holidays a new meaning 

There must have been some holiday traditions that you didn’t quite like, or something you always wanted to do. Embrace what you like, start something new, give the Holidays a whole new meaning.


Get started early 

Since you are not burdened with all the compulsive socializing this Holiday season, and you have the time, you might want to start early. Make your gifting lists, have the gifts shipped early. With all the Covid chaos, it would perhaps be a good idea to be early than miss out.

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Empathize and understand

Not everyone’s on the same page with the coronavirus situation. Some people are more freaked out than others. Don’t expect people to react the way you are reacting. They would have their own reasons, concerns and fears. Don’t keep hovering over the fact that there won’t be gala celebrations this year. It’s perhaps for the best that things are low key, which will help keeping the spread of the virus contained. Think of all the beautiful things you’ve been longing to do but never had the time.

Stay invested in small pleasures, and this too shall pass.







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