October 18, 2016

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Halloween DIY: Ten-Minute Decoration Ideas

Here are some super cool Halloween quick decor ideas.

Latex Glove Hand

Take kitchen or garden gloves (http://www.geoqpons.com/clearance?search=garden+gloves), fill them with water and use them as decor. You can also color the glove black or let drops of red pain on it to give the look of blood.

Spooky Sign

Write “Spooky” on thick paper and make a cutout. Color it black and add some fur hair or black pipe cleaner of real spooky effect.

Bats on Branches

Cut little pieces of black ribbon (http://www.geoqpons.com/joann-clearance-14890578-detail) , tie it on dry tree branches to create a bats-hanging-on-branches look.

Balloon D├ęcor

Quickly paint balloons to get some really cool for Halloween.

Lollypop Ghosts

Cover lollypops with white tissue and get cute lollypop ghosts. The kids will love them!


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