October 05, 2016

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Really Easy & Cheap Halloween Costumes

Some really cool Halloween costume ideas that won’t cost a bomb, they can be made from your wardrobe. Just add an accessory or two for more intense look. Check out Halloween getups for everyone.

Add a chain and some drawing with a marker to the classic white ghost costume. A white mask will add zing to the overall getup.


Take your old cheerleading dress, make it a little dirty, put on some zombie makeup and become a zombie cheerleader. Do not forget the worn-out pompom to get the complete look.


Do you have a black cocktail dress that you are done with, well almost? Cut the bottom zigzag, take a black stole and cut it the same way. Get the super sexy gothic vampire look. 


All you need to buy for this super cool zombie look is the mask. If you don’t have the striped t-shirt, just pair your dungarees with any full sleeve t-shirt. For added drama, let loose one shoulder flap of the dungaree.


Got a blue dungaree? Pair it with bright yellow hooded t-shirt or sweatshirt and there you go, you are a minion. You can get the minion eye mask or create it with a little art and craft skills.

Got a sexy red dress? Pair it with devil horns hairband and get the seducing devil look. Get elaborate makeup and you are ready to steal souls (and hearts)!


A sexy black dress paired with this witch’s hat will make you the sexiest witch in town. Carry a broom to make it even more real.


Got a black skivvy top and black jeans? Just get the headgear and eye mask and you can be the cat woman.


Just get the wig and moustache and you could be Albert Einstein. Just mess up the hair as if they are defying gravity!


Got a black tee and black trousers? All you need is this batman mask and you are the BATMAN!



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